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  1. VSR (Radeon) and DSR (GeForce) works with every monitor if you have the driver installed, I know it can be a little heavier than no driver/control panel but most of the time it's margin of error for me.
  2. Keep can update OP with this whenever. New Link: https://discord.gg/eSCZHz6BeP
  3. If you've got a price in mind now then make a thread and post it.
  4. Cheers mate, was rather nice to get a decent score after fighting the board for a few hours 😆
  5. Nice score mate, in the future could you try and show as much of the rendered scene as possible? :)
  6. Very nice man, I might have to come back to this one someday :D
  7. Hey mate, Vcore limit is 1.7v, no working GTL for current BIOS.
  8. Just wiped my copy clean and started with the basic edition and you'd be correct, appears as though you need the advanced edition to select that option.
  9. You need to tick the box on the benchmarks tab saying "Include Unsupported Tests" Then they will appear
  10. Try using the report button, makes it alot easier to act on things like this
  11. Fwiw the first two comps had prizes which do increase participation sadly. I have no horse in this race but I'm glad there's actual suggestions being made now
  12. The entire point of this thread is for people to suggest hardware that could be viable for a comp Seems to have taken a detour somewhere though....
  13. All excellent points mate but it just adds to the problem with this thread, there's plenty of "Here's why you shouldn't do that" posts and very very few actual hardware/bench suggestions. I was just suggesting something a little bit outside the norm but obviously it's not to peoples liking 😊
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