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  1. Awesome stuff Mat, can't wait to see the final product ☺️
  2. I'm in 100% agreement with this, How HWBOT currently has it laid out is on point imo
  3. If it gets more people benching and the sockets used are the same as what's listed in the rules then I'm for it
  4. I'd assume not I'd take hardware to mean CPUs, Boards, GPUs and potentially Memory.
  5. I took this as a given since you've got it listed in the OP as AM3+ or Older, Also assumed that meant FM2+ wouldn't be included either since Kaveri (first processors to use FM2+ ) are newer than AM3+ as well. Godaveri and Kaveri are the same arch (Steamroller), both are faster than Piledriver clock for clock.
  6. @Leeghoofd I like it overall, good to see some ambient love in there, should be fun
  7. I like it, I agree with what's proposed. Should be good fun 😁
  8. That is true, there could be more or less comps, that is entirely up to the staff. I haven't been on here as long as yourself or a number of others in this thread but I don't think anyone is trying to take anything away from you, the comp points never really counted before and if they did I don't think it was accumulated throughout your entire time on HWBOT (please someone correct me if I'm wrong). The way I see it is these are your BEST performances in competitions, if we wanted everything we've ever done to count then we'd have unlimited hardware and global points as well. Personally don't think they should be made to be unlimited top 10 or 20 max, and I also think the seasonal comps should be lowered to 5 max as well. I don't think that is making it too easy for newcomers at all, they'll still have to work hard to move up the spots, opening up the amount of hardware and globals that count towards your total will make it harder for them as well. As before it doesn't seem to me that anyone is trying to take away or discount how long people have been active, Just trying to bring a solution forward that works best for everyone
  9. I'm with George on this, While I agree comp points should count towards your career pool they do need to be looked at, one suggestion was to base them along the lines of how HWpoints are done, more participation/users = more points which I think would be pretty good, I've no idea how hard or easy that would be to implement. As for the amount, Comps are different to anything else on here as they are only open for a limited time so I think capping the amount of comps that count is good, I personally voted for the ten best comps, counting all of them would be unfair for the people that weren't around then, We don't want makes things unattainable to newcomers or even those that have been around for a few years. Now if HWBOT had access to a DeLorean....
  10. That is true, SS units on LCC CPUs or smaller GPUs will go further than most chillers can dream to, I was mainly thinking of the higher end of the spectrum (bit short sighted on my part). Thanks for that Richie
  11. I like this proposal overall, it's well thought out and covers most of the concerns people have had. The main thing that I think I'd like to add to this is adding Chillers and possibly Single Stage units added to Enthusiast as I think this will take most of the doubt out of the equation when trying to work out if this score is using chilled water or they just have low a ambient temp, Something of a "if you can't beat them, join them" solution. I don't expect that to be a popular idea but I do believe it's the right way to go. The idea of having Country Cup moved to being earlier in the year I am fully on board with and I expect alot of others will be as well. The redesign of moving cups to the main area of the profile page I like as well, makes it look cleaner. I do like the HWBOT achievements but some of them aren't really achievable anymore ( Attend World Tour LN2 Certification), so they could do with a trim or rethink in some areas. There are also some that could be added or updated such as points gathered using more modern sockets (AM4/TR4) or one for using AMD cards (We have one for 25 ATi cards but not AMD ones). But that's all my thoughts on this, Thanks to Cautilus for laying this all out
  12. Just uploaded a score on UAT, seems to be working fine from my end πŸ‘
  13. Was an awesome comp with lots of tricky stages. Many thanks to both Leeg and George for doing this Looking forward to you benching again mate
  14. You should've man, would have loved to seen an all out sub from you in this comp
  15. You never know what can happen Always better to throw in a sub if you've got it.
  16. Huge effort mate, Not often you get to break your own record, well done :)
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