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  1. Would it not make sense to keep global score for total cores the same and then add global points for overall thread count next? I suppose people would re-bench everything with HT switched off to get some more points. Then if that works out could you not add global points for the type of cores that are active for these new mixed CPU's. People could get points twice on the mixed chips as they would get points for both types of core.
  2. I learned to overclock in the 2000's because I wasn't into PC's enough to drop a lot money into a rig so just used old cheap ones instead. In 2010 when I finally decided to build one from scratch overclocking performance was paramount importance because I was skint due to the recession. I built an Athlon II x2 on a mid range mobo with a poverty spec HD 4550 GPU and upgraded from there to the i7 8700K setup I've owned for 18 months+. I discovered HwBot while reading online magazine The Overclocker in 2013 when I was recovering from a hernia operation and thinking about upgrading my AMD FX system. It gave life to my old parts for benching but I didn't buy anything purely for that purpose. Then in the winter of 15 - 16 I bought a big noctua air cooler and started benching my older parts outside in my transit, I also bought a few CPU's for my AMD boards too and started to have more fun. I rarely bench in summer but when Ryzen came out in 17 I was desperate to upgrade my Haswell setup. It was such a disappointment and the 8 core actually performed worst in gaming scenarios on a ROG board than my i5 so I got Kaby Lake with unlocked i7 & i3's instead and began buying old GPU's to get more serious. Around this time I went to my first bench meet and was helped out a lot by Jumper & Gavbon, I also met a good lad called Lee who lent me his LN2 pot (which I bought) and George Storm & Dragon Soup where there too. Going for a world record speed on my old Sabertooth board with my trusty old FX 6300 was the high point of my benching career. I made my own chiller's but have not really benched properly on LN2 since and don't really see enough pleasure in doing it on my own. I've been out of overclocking for 18 months but am interested in doing a bit again. I think when the league suddenly changed and I lost loads of points and position it killed it for me. However the rank for the year as well as overall career rank peaks my interest as I think I can do ok with what I have. There are no overclockers that I know of down here near Cambridge but if there were meets going on I would get a buzz out of trying to hit record benches on LN2 again. I love the FX platform for OC and have the ROG formula and an 8370 to play with. I'd also love watching other people going for the top with their kit and helping them if possible. I don't think it matters what platform you are using if you are having fun and in a group together you can get some knowledge and experience of all of them. A lot is to do with setting up and tweaking the OS as well as the hardware so there's lots to teach each other. I think the benchmarks used are part of what puts gamer's off. They want to know how many FPS they will get in a certain game with certain hardware OC'd. I have spent time setting hardware up to run specific games well all the time rather than just pure flat out OC's. I can get machines to play games well that are known for performing poorly and on the occasions I could be bothered to video it got loads of views and questions. I'd also set the OC parameters that are attainable for a user with cheaper hardware & cooling so that it was useful for everyone. Just an idea but maybe show casing popular games like PUBG (might not be popular now) that require a lot of juice with lower end hardware might get people involved. I can actually game for quite a while with no problems overclocked using my ghetto chiller setup. I can get my GPU to run fairly cool and quiet by optimising the fans etc. Non overclockers are as I once was after maximum performance for minimum spend and hassle. If we can't find a way to integrate that into HwBot then like Mr Scott says it will end up on the forums and YouTube with wannabe overclockers giving bad advice causing people to over overvolt and burn out their hardware. Which is a shame when there is so much knowledge & talent right here. It certainly looks like there is a lot less going on than there was 18 months ago before I went away.
  3. It's been a little while since the last Road to Pro competition ended, when will the points be added to everyone's profiles? Mine has been on zero for ages despite selecting a division in the account settings and I've noticed a lot of others profiles are on zero too. Thanks
  4. When will Road to Pro points be added to profiles? Thanks
  5. Ok thanks everyone, I'll have to do some re benching then. Is it the same for Cinebench 15 & 2003?
  6. I guess that means the first place sub for the 8370 needs taking down then and all my other Cinebench subs. 1000's of them on HwBot have part of the rendering covered. Every cinebench sub I've ever made is invalid, the bench will throw an error anyway if it fails to complete the rendering properly.
  7. This submission has been blocked twice, aparently it isn't the fully rendered scene?? I had to make the window smaller to show the road to pro background but other than that it is fully legit as far as I can see. All the other Road to Pro Division VI subs look exactly the same so no idea why mine keeps being picked on. http://hwbot.org/submission/3806215_ Is there something I am missing here?
  8. The scene is clearly visable, perhaps Leeghoofd should block all the other road to pro submissions who's screenshots are the same as mine.
  9. Get a Sabretooth as a backup board, they are cheap and nearly as good as the Crosshair.
  10. I wouldn't send it anywhere, I RMA'd mine to eBuyer who have sent it back to me with bent pins. You couldn't mash them up so bad if you tried, they are pushed right down to the bottom of the socket. I only RMA'd it because it wouldn't run XMP memory and I don't like the board. They obviously didn't want to give me my money back. The customer support from Gigabyte when I've looked into getting a repair is garbage, no phone numbers or straight forward email address. A questionaire with lots of irrelevant details to fill in.
  11. Looks like I will have to re-bench it when the new X265 which goes to an extra decimal place comes out.
  12. Bit harsh, the threads that I have started have all been answered reasonably quickly. Considering HwBot is free I think it does a great job as do the people running it. There is the ability to create your own competitions so you can tailor the rules to suit enthusiasts. Thinking of organising one myself which I will call the "Quad thread open". Any non Xeon or Opteron CPU's with quad threads except Skylake & Kaby Lake i5 and Coffee Lake i3 with clock speed lmit of 5ghz. Benches would be Cinebench 15, X265 4K & Firestrike Ultra with any non Titan GPU. Will discuss it with fellow overclockers at UK bench meet beginning of March. I feel revision 7 has taken into account points I've raised on here in the past even if they weren't agreed with at the time. Overclocking as a thing hasn't matured yet like the gaming scene so need to be a bit patient.
  13. It was but now someone else has submitted and I have less points again than Jokot even though my sub was faster.
  14. I only benched it last week, they have tied our points now so justice has been served.
  15. I have literally spent hours trying to get that bench, I threw everything at it. Without going to better cooling I don't think I can pull clear. Originally we were on equal points which I was happy with. Too many other things to bench at the moment so will be a long time before I revisit this.
  16. I should be ranked 3rd place ahead of Jokot who completed the bench almost 3 seconds slower than me but he is ranked 2nd and I'm ranked 5th. Looking at the table I should be on at least 73.1 points the same as Jokot which I was until NoMS made his submission which should be ranked 2nd. At least he has the correct points though. Hope it's not too much of a problem to sort out. Thanks in advance.
  17. When I looked in the bios CPU was at about 17 degrees C ticking over, when I monitored under load it would crash if it hit 23 degrees C. Well happy!! I'll be concentrating on my FX8370 at the meet, time goes quick and want to try for an 8ghz CPUZ score. Once I have it dialed in I'll keep running other benches with it. Will lap it and start practising with it next weekend. I'll bring the FX6300 & Sabretooth as a backup.
  18. This is the hardest score I've ever got, I even bought this motherboard purpose for the job!! Homebrew chiller rules!! Plus it was free and took me about half hour to make.
  19. When I try to compare CPU's & graphics cards no benchmark results will load. Quite a handy section for general visitors to the site looking to upgrade hardware.
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