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  1. It's old list. My prices should be like 70-80% of shop. So if you are interested, show me price in your shop and I'll update it for you.
  2. Sorry guys, I wrote this post 4 months ago. Unfortunately I don't have Z77 OC. In Gigabyte Z170-SOC Force (SS) - I make mistake it should be: 2 pics 280€/unit.
  3. Hi, I have some stuff to sale: Most of them are barley used and prices can be negotiate. If some prices are irrational or you need to have more details just ask. Motherboards: Asrock Z170 OC Formula - 185 € Gigabyte Z170-SOC Force (SS) - 2 880 € MSI Z170A Tomhawk AC (NEW) - 95 € Gigabyte X99-SOC Champion (LN2) - 350 € Asrock Z97 OC Formula (LN2) - 175 € Asus Maximus VI Impact (LN2) - 175 € Gigabyte Z97X-SOC Force (LN2) - 175 € Asrock Z77 OC Formula - 120 € MSI Z77 Mpower Big Bang - 120 € Asus Maximus IV Extreme - 120 € Crucial MX200 500GB - 120 € Crucial MX
  4. No problem. Rules are rules and we should respect it. I get it. So the consolation for me is that I kicked everyone's ass, even though all of you were really close and you did a really good job, too. However the rules mean: “To enter the lucky draw, you must participate for all six targets in minimum 2 categories†and I participate with it, but I use wrong OS.
  5. Cheers. On the other hand, there was a terrible mistake and all my scores from X99 Geekbench are on Win10. I don't want to hide it. I figured it out a few hours before the end of stage 6 and that's why I let go with boost score in the last stage. But 4 and 5 stage was "hit the target" not "max out" - highest score, so the bug with Base Clock doesn't really matter. It took me too long to do it, so that's why I ask you to not delete these scores from stages 4 and 5. But if you insist to block it, at least give me a chance to participate in lucky draw.
  6. Softer meaning than "we are too drunk to do anything and we don't really understand the rules of competition that we made".
  7. I submit vi oc-esports and the my new C4 Geekbench results was placed in 3dmark Vantage... WTF? http://browser.primatelabs.com/geekbench3/4587288
  8. Really I don't know, there are 7 official threads - it's too much for me. But you can look here: http://oc-esports.io/#!/round/gbt_targetoc_opentarget/comments/discussion/148207/discussion
  9. What do we know about the 3rd stage? "Max out" means it will be the maximum possible score, or target will be wery high, but it still will be target?
  10. But in official thread you told: Only retail
  11. It worse then other C-60 with 1GHz http://hwbot.org/image/761688.jpg
  12. Ok, everything is clear now. I asked this guy for bench after OC and this is result of it: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/29408495/zrzut.PNG You can compare with the rest of HWbot scores: http://hwbot.org/benchmark/superpi_-_1m/rankings?hardwareTypeId=processor_2409&cores=2#start=0#interval=20
  13. This is simply OC at AMD laptop. This is result for our Polish contest and I asked my team if it's really a valid score. In the meantime, I managed to find a few videos about that processor family:
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