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  1. Sell my good LN2 Pot KingPin F1 Dragon Extreme Edition 😎 With all accessories and original packaging. Fits on many sockets ...Intel/AMD,....the upper bracket is optimized for AMD AM4 With attachment / extension Comes with new insulation Armaflex. shipping only europe 170 € + shipping paypal family and friends
  2. First Run 5950x on Impact / Bios 3101 with IF 1400 Mhz goes ~ - 185°c.... after than I have many problems. Tested everything ... all the time ,...I have CB @ ~ - 130°c and cbb with - 122°c F**k A hours later the Set/CPU goes best with IF 1900. 🤨😂 Yes... IF 1900 Mhz 1:1 3800 Mhz RAM. But I have CB @ ~ - 152°c and cbb @ - 142°c. https://hwbot.org/submission/4658392_mahaudi_cinebench___r20_ryzen_9_5950x_14473_marks Tested with LN2 Jumper ON and OFF. Nothing helps. ...the same...... As if it wouldn't work Teste many IF Settings.... nothing h
  3. again available ......Make me offers
  4. So does VDDG 1.15v in the LN2 Guide mean the VDDG CCD Voltage? My CPU does full pot but every time must be heat @ -88°c get reset/reboot
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