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  1. So does VDDG 1.15v in the LN2 Guide mean the VDDG CCD Voltage? My CPU does full pot but every time must be heat @ -88°c get reset/reboot
  2. Every time under LN2 after a reboot I have to heat the pot to -88 ° c so that the system can boot up again. Is there a setting that circumvents this ? Some can boot again at -170 ° c
  3. This is always referred to as VDDG Voltage, but which VDDG Valtage now? In my Impact Bios there are two VDDG voltages VDDG CCD Voltage and VDDG IOD Voltage What is CLDO VDDP Voltage ?
  4. What is the condition of the Microcool Banchetto 101 Scratches or whatever Is that REV 3 ?
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