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  1. elsewhere i sent some pm's on other forum and friends. i live in italy. Pm's i received order: CloCliKot: he can't post for some reason.waiting for his reply regarding payment method. mirco69: replied regarding card status. micka: eu only
  2. price drop 250 shipped also for sale elsewhere
  3. hi. Eu only selling zotac gtx 1080ti founders edition+ Ek waterblock back plate Selling it for (550) 450 euros shipped not taking apart the wb backplate got all the boxes and the air cooler payment only via bank pics will add with paper nickname later
  4. hope https://www.anandtech.com/show/13967/intel-core-i9-9900kfc-processor
  5. yikes that's cheating,it doesn't boot more than 4.5/4.6 on ambient the 5775c is very powerful, it's pretty much 7700k at 5ghz performance at 4.4/4.5ghz with much lower latency. but still not at it's peak ,splave is egoist, doesn't want to share his asrock virus. in theory should work on z170 too since is on 14nm and i'm 100% sure will work with ddr4,since the 8700k does with some mods. made a thread here
  6. ja https://hwbot.org/submission/4056426_superv_cinebench___r15_core_i7_5775c_969_cb/
  7. yes,and it's the champion for the vii 🤣 at 4.5 kills everything
  8. mobo sold,shipped today capture card left bumperinoinoino
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