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  1. superV

    [EU] FS asus apex x z370 + elgato hd60 pro

    all available @unityofsaints
  2. superV

    [EU] FS asus apex x z370 + elgato hd60 pro

    italy will add new ones later
  3. hi. Re selling asus apex x z370 The mobo is new never used,the only problem is the box is a bit messed up,warranty on asus website. Selling it for 260 euros shipped Also selling elgato hd60 pro capture card,used for a couple of months only, out of warranty. Selling it for 100 euros shipped Selling elsewhere too Pics : https://imgur.com/a/Fgruu4O
  4. superV

    [EU] FS asus apex x z370

    Sold elsewhere Close ty
  5. superV

    [EU] FS asus apex x z370

    Hi. Only selling,found the z97m oc formula Selling it for 320 euros shipped. The mobo is new never used,the only problem is the box is a bit messed up. Pics soon, sry im on mobile. Payment via paypal or bank.
  6. junior-21- is buying the set. 1)boxed 2)comes full bundle but from a different apex,because i bought the mobo here on forum without nothing. 3)yes as i said i did some tests with no ht,because of the latency based tests,since then i didn't touch it,lost interest and it sits just like that.yes on ambient temperature as u can see the picture and around 1.35v which could be a bit higher,because now sits at 5ghz and 1.35v 4)it's clearly written EU even Junior didn't ask these questions, and he didn't even remember that i bought from him a different 7980xe in December.
  7. superV


    sent pm gl with sale
  8. is it possible to update the bios of the ASROCK Z170 OC FORMULA via usb without a cpu installed? thanks
  9. Hi. Selling because of a failed project,and just sits and picks dust. i9-7980xe 3 months old, got it in august,delided and installed 15 mins after arrived :),used not more than 20 hours,did just some latency based tests and that's it. it clocks pretty decent without hyper threading with ram at 4000mhz,it did 5.1ghz around 1.35v on water. 32GB g.skill 3600cl16 f4-3600c16q-32gtzr runs great at 4000mhz cl16-17-17-36 asus apex vi,bought it here on forum waterblocks: cpu Alphacool NexXxoS XP³ vrm HEATKILLER® MB-X VRM ASUS RAMPAGE VI - ACRYL direct die frame Delid Die Guard Cover Protector IceMan Cooler polished to make the die pop out and make contact with the waterblock. I'm not unbundling,selling as a block,because everything is already installed. Selling for 1550 euros shipped via paypal or bank transfer.
  10. still available for sale
  11. Hi. Selling Geil evo potenza ddr3 4x4Gb 2933 cl 12-14-14-36 100 EUR+shipping paypal only Just tested couple of times and nothing more,sitting picking dust.
  12. i'm aiming for daily or benching for a couple of hours,insulation is not a problem,i have several plans how to deal with it. what i need to know is a guesstimate this ram kit can do at -30ºC and what tdp will have at 1.7/1.75v in total for 4 sticks.the tdp is important to know,i will choose the peltier based on that,maybe -60ºC could be achievable,but i need to know the tdp,approximation. edit: so i looked around the forum and saw some results.from what i saw in my case 2400mhz in theory could do cl 8-11-10-28 cr-1t or cl 8-10-10-25 cr-1t hoping for tRFC around 150 from current 195.then the secondary and tertiary will look for a guide,will try to lower by one and so on. the problem is that i don't know the tdp,i think around 10w per stick for a total 40/50w for 1.7/1.75v
  13. but at least can you give me guesstimate % of success based on experience or saw somewhere or similarity with other kits. found this but are 2gb sticks http://www.hardwarecanucks.com/news/cpu/g-skill-breaks-the-overclocking-world-record-on-the-intel-lga-1155-platform/ i don't want to go so low on timings, hoping for 8-10-10-28 1t or 7-10-10-25 1t thanks for reply