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  1. Bios name "bios click 5" on MSI motherboard. I cant take pictures, sorry :-).
  2. My pc dont run when i set over 4.1 ghz in bios, but when i overclocked with "Ryzen master" i make 4.2 ghz stable. What i must set in bios for OC over 4.2 ghz?
  3. I need help. I have pc and i want overclock CPU, but when FSB>300 mhz pc dont turn on. It's trouble i have with old and new CPU in this pc. I dont have voltage control in bios(or i dont see it) and i dont know it's trouble because small voltage or no. P.S.: my motherboard is Asrock conroexfire-esata2; CPU: intel core 2 duo e6700 P.S.S.: sorry for my english
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