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  1. Selling: Used 7980XE CPU, delidded, treated with conformal coating for liquid metal TIM use. Comes with original IHS as well as an all copper IHS and nickel plated IHS Used X299 Dark motherboard, has some accessories, never frozen, very clean. Used Z490 Maximus Apex XII, I bought it used for a backup and never used it. Ships in a Hero box, no accessories. Price: 7980XE $500 shipped USA X299 Dark $225 shipped USA SOLD Z490 Apex $250 shipped USA SOLD Payment via PayPal. Heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/61643/to
  2. Looking for a clean, working retail board. Payment via PayPal. Shipping to 35603
  3. Looking for a retail board in very good condition. PayPal for payment.
  4. Selling: A used 10900KF CPU from a gaming PC that is undergoing a makeover. IHS is stained from LM TIM Price: $425 shipped via USPS Priority mail, PayPal for payment. Heatware: http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=61643
  5. So which bios is best to use for a watercooled card? The card I have is a 3090 Strix OC version, EK full coverblock with backplate.
  6. Selling:A very lightly used 10900K CPU from a gaming PC that is undergoing a makeover.Price:$425 shipped via USPS Priority mail, PayPal for payment.Heatware:http://www.heatware.com/eval.php?id=61643
  7. No need iGPU 11900K (11th gen) is only 8 cores, looking for 10 cores at 5GHz or higher.
  8. Looking for a daily gaming chip 10900K or 10900KF that can run 5.0-5.2GHz 24/7 on watercooling at sane voltages. I'm using Asus Maximus Formula XII motherboard if it matters.
  9. Selling: Used, but mint condition Asus Maximus Formula XI, full retail package. Price:$300 shipped. Payment via PayPal. Heatware: https://www.heatware.com/u/61643/to 2x MSI RTX 2080 Ti Lightnings which come with Bitspower waterblocks installed.No air coolers included, card and block is all.Price:$700 each, includes shipping. PayPal for payment.Not looking for any trades at this time. SOLD Used, but very good 9900K CPU. Ran in my daily gamer rig at 5GHz, 6.8 GHz or so on LN2 Price:$300 shipped. SOLD Used, but mint conditon Asus Rampa
  10. Converting euro to US $, looks like about $600 shipped to USA for the CPU?
  11. CPU is sold Apex board is still available.
  12. Last call, I put it up on EBay yesterday, it 100% will sell there.
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