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  1. I haven't been on the bot for a very long time, but this year I was quite active with old equipment. I am primarily passionate about retro. So I agree with your opinion a little on the question. I find it very regrettable that the material which is of no interest and which is not top of the range if it can be valued on hwbot. This would make it possible to attract more people to the platform I believe with a little exotic equipment (I love working on common stuff, IGP style or other old entry-level GPU.).
  2. Nice the score! This new 12900k works really well. Can't wait to order mine next year.
  3. Thank you so much. The cpu is pretty decent the BMI seems average. I would like to find a better memory. I will try under cold conditions to see if I manage to take a more important multiplier perhaps X56 I almost arrive at Windows Logon.
  4. I have located myself on the map even though I am not part of the American continent. It would be good to centralize all the guys who spend a good part of their time at OC
  5. Nice score and very good job! I am a fan of your collection on youtube, I am like you for Belgium ^^ However not yet attacking socket 370 but it will happen soon I have everything I need to wait for my Cascade to arrive, for the moment my SS is too small. Well done again, I will try on TUSL2-C and also try my hand at vmod.
  6. Hello, I wanted to know ? I wanted to participate with a radeon HD 4850 crossfire, only one of my HD4850 is not crossefire compatible. So I would have wanted to know if these authorized a crossefire of HD4890 + HD4870 ??? I just did the run it works well, in the rules it does not indicate to provide a valid 3dmark link so how can I prove that I am running with 2 different cards ?? Thank you.
  7. overclocking on a mobile processor is complicated in the sense that it is difficult to modify the BCLK. The only way to do this is to have a bios where the parameter appears (generally only available on laptop gaming), or you have to succeed in modifying the PLL directly on the motherboard of the laptop in hardware. Good luck.
  8. Well done it works very well your new waterfall! Well done it works very well your new cascade!
  9. Thank you, I'm starting in sub-zero, I don't know what the L.E.T. , I must isolate my motherboard with an isolator.
  10. @ Antinomy , I have no bug on this result, however, I had some artifacts during the benchmarks, yes, I have done the test several times already. On 3d mark 2001 for example these very unstable at this frequency of 420Mhz and beyond that does not happen at all. I saw that your IGP took you a lot more Mhz. Make a video? I don't already have much time if I have to go up the config and make a video, these a waste of time for me. Especially since it did not ask anywhere to have to make a video to justify a score.
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