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  1. oc'ed to 2414mhz as of now(from 2167). overclocking with clockgen. my first oc software other than set fsb. this board is a hp locked board and no options to oc from bios. really enjoying it. thank you.
  2. 2 hours to find out this old board and get it working. got a sub now.
  3. I think some more competition subs of others also missing(yesterday's). Should we re-submit or will it be fixed.
  4. scores are higher with windows 7. other two scores of gtx 460 are run on windows 10. i have another score of 429 on windows 10 with a relatively weak processor. i3 7350k. https://hwbot.org/submission/3862428_ksateaaa23_vrmark___orange_room_geforce_gtx_460_(256bit)_429_marks/ for more comparision gtx 480 the scores are around 2900+ https://hwbot.org/submission/3872195_ksateaaa23_vrmark___orange_room_geforce_gtx_480_2910_marks/ score seems fine to me. may be os...... right now i don't have the card. i have given to my niece along with a system given to her for online classes(covid). can't re-run......
  5. This situation arose because solidton deleted his account He was the winner of this div & not only this division, all divisions where solidton participated the ranking is not as per the positions. All divisions need recalculation.
  6. done. almost identical score. https://hwbot.org/submission/4621837_ksateaaa23_unigine_heaven___xtreme_geforce_gtx_480_1775.45_dx11_marks
  7. Solidton is from Finland. Either Team Finland or Enthusiasts of Finland.
  8. few more observations. I was searching for avalanche scores....... Punk sods was a user in apprentice league. all his scores are showing the name "Team Hardware-Reactor-Reloaded instead of his name. user punk sods gone. scores remain with team name. whether this account deleted or is there any other bug. Also there was another user solidton....he was no.1(enthusiast league) current season and suddenly his account is gone a week back. whether the account deleted...........
  9. his profile was coming on and off last few days, in between I saw his profile with full points 1703 or so, now just 35.4 points. we also lost around 6500+ team points. don't know what happened to those subs.
  10. Couple of days back, my friend AVALANCHE profile gone completely, then I saw this data restore and he was having around 1700+ career points. right now he has only 35.4 points. most of the subs are gone. I don't know if there are few more profiles like this after data restore. kindly look into it.
  11. With changed configuration, GEEKBENCH 4 STAGE also awarding points to top 5 scores.
  12. After raising an issue, geekbench 4 stage re-configured per core score to total score...just 4 days to the close of competition. With this my score is pushed from 1st to 20th. Now my query doesn't make sense..... doesn't really matter to me whether this stage gives any points to top five or not. Now the problem is fixed.........................
  13. still not fixed. what i mean is for each stage top 5 scores should be awarded points for the stage. for the geekbench 4 stage, no one is getting points for that particular stage. i should get 50 for that stage of geekbench4, which i am not getting. if you check the awarded points there is no name against those points. pls.check. (what i was trying to say is that I should get the maximum points either for the stage or overall standing for the division. overall standing is 5. I should get 39(still not updated because, pcmark 7 score submitted today). geekbench 4 score was submitted last week. for that stage i should have got 50 points. )
  14. This update and patch fixed the problem. solution from geekbench forum: http://support.primatelabs.com/discussions/geekbench/60208-winhttpsendrequest-failed-error_winhttp_secure_failure 4 Posted by hostile on Sep 08, 2020 @ 02:23 AM Hello, Windows 7 in some cases still uses TLS1.0 with is denied by the server browser.geekbench.com. You can fix that (you want Windows 7 to use TLS1.1 or TLS1.2). 1. Make sure you have KB3140245 installed. 2. Run MicrosoftEasyFix51044.msi (download from Microsoft) 3. Run Geekbench again. At least that worked for me. My source of help: https://www.ryadel.com/en/enable-tls-1-1-1-2-windows-7-8-os-regedit-patch-download/
  15. unbale to submit geekbench4 score online. tried different os, different browsers, different internet connections, yet the same error: WinHttpSendRequest failed: ERROR_WINHTTP_SECURE_FAILURE. have the saved files, is there anyway we can submit manually. couple of scores with error in the screeshots.
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