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  1. pleaze, am i right here for fixed bios for i unify? i mean, no good 11600k support, maybe 11700/11900 work well enough for people, but 11600k is horrible. No wake on sleep, no adjustable Voltage settings with Ringfrequencies higher than 3900mhz, not even fixed ones. no memSa/IO-option. no working PWM functions except taskmanager is on. also no settings for clocking specific single cores depending to voltages, i dont think it depends on TVB, so could be possible? and hey....no higher ram oc than 3466mhz stable, even in gear 2 mode. 3600 is fine for 2hours, then blackscreen and freeze.
  2. plz need some help with i unify and 1.6 bios. all went well also 4k+ c14 ram. now with 11600k no more than 3600mhz equal to gear1 nor 2. ;-(
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