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  1. pleaze, am i right here for fixed bios for i unify? i mean, no good 11600k support, maybe 11700/11900 work well enough for people, but 11600k is horrible. No wake on sleep, no adjustable Voltage settings with Ringfrequencies higher than 3900mhz, not even fixed ones. no memSa/IO-option. no working PWM functions except taskmanager is on. also no settings for clocking specific single cores depending to voltages, i dont think it depends on TVB, so could be possible? and hey....no higher ram oc than 3466mhz stable, even in gear 2 mode. 3600 is fine for 2hours, then blackscreen and freeze. chip is good, 4600mhz ring and 5ghz 1,275V at cool Thermal Design Power with no overhauling PowerLimit like 10700k. Even 10500 could have got to 150Watts in prime etc. This 11600k is a bit better in its efficienzy than others and mcuh faster, but: ...where is my bios update!?! Thanks for possible solutions in the near future. really love my i unify. greetings from germany and stay heathy! otherwise will sell intel and go on vacancy and buy NVidia Rig in the end of next year. Or have i got crappy chip? Will see on monday when new 11600k arrives. See ya! Stay healthy
  2. plz need some help with i unify and 1.6 bios. all went well also 4k+ c14 ram. now with 11600k no more than 3600mhz equal to gear1 nor 2. ;-(
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