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  1. Hello to all is there an xoc bios for Z590 aorus Xtreme? It's for an i9 10900KF, thanks
  2. but it is not indicated for pcmark7. Is it general for all competitions?
  3. Salut Paill, quelques nouveautés : New 2020 scores: Full desktop screenshot required ( no clipping)
  4. hello, can you remove this score from the competition? https://hwbot.org/submission/4591875_chaton22_pcmark_7_ryzen_5_3600xt_9700_marks just for individual points
  5. HWbot is a mine of data for us oveclockeurs. It's important to be able to keep it all. Good luck Roman and thank you.
  6. For DDR2 stage, is Hybrid CrossFireX is ok (Integrated ATI Radeon HD3200 graphics + HD 3450 PCIe) ?
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