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  1. Thanks.. I popped this mobo and cpu out of my brothers machine and onto my bench for just a few hours. For shits n giggles 😂
  2. fyi care package link in top post doesnt work unless logged in the one just above is ok logged in or not.
  3. Is there a limitation on cpu generation for this one, is LPDDR3 allowed? :)
  4. Maybe this will encourage you to try sub-ambient? Io ci sto pensando 🤔 Meanwhile i'll do the two I can and enjoy anyways
  5. Hi buddy, please delete: https://hwbot.org/submission/4761147_l0wpull_3dmark___cloud_gate_geforce_rtx_2080_ti_53898_marks https://hwbot.org/submission/4761196_l0wpull_3dmark___wild_life_geforce_rtx_2080_ti_83242_marks Left my Firestrike LOD settings on 🤦‍♂️ Thanks J
  6. Edit: the GPU frequency BETA benchmark also doesn't allow to enter brand etc.
  7. Hi there, been doing some benchmarks I hadn't before, just to help and point out that Aquamark and Heaven benchmark results don't include the GPU brand details. I therefore have a few subs with "vanilla" Nvidia 9800 GTX instead of XFX Black that I had put in when I started. It's neither particularly important nor urgent, but I figured should probably be on the end of a list somewhere ... so here it is Keep up the great work, which we thank you for with evry sub Cheers J
  8. erreur de placement de résultat je pense? merci de demander l'élimination sur discord ou les forums :)
  9. Hmmmm not really the right benchmark score this, you should ask for it to be removed?
  10. Sorry I didn’t pick up on that possibility, my debloat involved entirely nuking ms defender etc as it’s just a benching boot drive no production at all no hard links to my network - didn’t ring that alarm bell for me at all! thank you for your time, good to know that crap is never truly gone any more, no matter how much you prune...
  11. Did a brief search didn't find this issue so if it's already known please forgive me and point me in right direction.. Just performed install of latest version, 0.10.7, selecting all benchmarks. Install completes correctly, option to launch is correctly selected before clicking "finish" (I think that was label..) HOWEVER nothing launches, benchmate icon on desktop is white, link is invalid, benchmate.exe is missing from benchmate install folder as per screenshot. BM maintenance app is fine..//.. Weird AF.. I'm using Win10 20H2 Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.551.0, it's been debloated but that hasn't stopped me installing anything else until now.. Error is reproducible. LMK if there's something I'm missing, or if I can provide log or something for debug 👍👍👍 Cheers J
  12. I'm going for 5x slow frames benchmarks soon
  13. Hi there, sorry im a sad n00b submitted same stuff 3x getting my bearings Please delete: https://hwbot.org/submission/4729481 https://hwbot.org/submission/4729454 Thanks happy silicon torture 👍
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