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  1. Ty, exactly! This card does wonderfully with a little more vcore I use the EVC2 for daily oc 1075mv.
  2. Is that a stock AM4 cooler to the right of the CPU? Just for looks or does it do anything :D
  3. Thanks! Is it allowed to load valid results from the autosave folder and take the screenshot some time later? My best overall score was from before I used hwbot. The hardware is the same except a second radiator. Smells like forging a result, but would be cool if it counts. 6800 1st https://www.3dmark.com/spy/19329822 current ranking https://hwbot.org/benchmark/3dmark_-_time_spy/rankings?hardwareTypeId=videocard_3325 Might be able to recreate it with older drivers etc. Luckily this is the only result where I left info in the description, that should help. edit: just beat it! https://hwbot.org/submission/4745661_sonicsalad_3dmark___time_spy_radeon_rx_6800_17198_marks?recalculate=true
  4. yo whats up with the "tesselation load modified" for 3dmark/firestrike?

    Is this just using some driver tesselation mode setting or is there another trick? 😉

  5. Correct, this would not eliminate cpu bottlenecks and the same gpu will still perform different depending on the cpu model and tuning. The intention is to have a clearer view of gpu performance within these two benchmarks. When going for top gpu score it is common to run 1ccx no smt and ignore cpu score. This results in a couple extra gpu points and is the way some of the top gpu scores are achieved. This is also interesting for firestrike. Would still be understandable to not add an extra category to prevent a split. Maybe adding seperate overall, cpu and gpu fields to the existing category would be more sensible. This way it would be similar to 3dmarks result page where you can choose combined/gpu/cpu. OT. probably has been discussed already, cinebench results with deactivated ccx (5900x with 6c/12t) will not be counted as 6 core cinebench result by rules or bench mate limitations? Example: https://hwbot.org/submission/4742496_sonicsalad_cinebench___r23_multi_core_with_benchmate_ryzen_9_5900x_11203_pts
  6. I was wondering why the overall score including CPU is used for TimeSpy. Wouldn't a gpu score only category be more suitable to compare video cards? Should be no problem if we still run the cpu test and not allow custom runs. The current TimeSpy scores are a system score and do not really belong into only the "videocards" or "processors" category. A 3090 paired with a 6 core could score lower than a 2080 with 16 core cpu for example.
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