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    Sold. Thanks Hwbot for space.
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    Chip only IMC and ram sticks on air
  6. Imo the board is fine. Alll depend on ram and imc. Good ram/imc should do 4933+ c14 gb3 air
  7. He said he apologize and should be more patient waiting for your reply. Hope all is good. B/way hows the imc of this one Splave?
  8. I guess hes not familiar with some peeps here and be patient a bit. After few questions of this and that I told him to check my profile Lol
  9. Vince did it. Pretty much depend on ram kit and cpu imc. https://forums.evga.com/EVGA-Z390-DARK-and-BDie-based-low-latency-memory-overclocking-m2913749.aspx
  10. The same guy that bought my MXIA paid by wu and I sent to AL. addy. It was smooth transaction.
  11. dumo

    F/S Retail MXIA

    My spare MXIA complete retail box, almost new. Sold. Thank you Hwbot for space.
  12. Binned from a few single 8Gb retail kits$100 shipped con USA
  13. Just make it simple. Use phase to bin rams, get to know your cpu imc and at the same time try to find basic mobo settings for specific bench...Then go all out with ln2
  14. Awesome clockin! Nice late batches of 4800
  15. 4600C17 1T 1.475V should be safe for 24/7
  16. Noob or advance overclocking is an individual personal experience, peeps can follow your oc settings or they can hate you because their hw can't do it afraid to jolt their hw with 'unsafe' voltages You don't have any obligation to show 24/7 'safe' settings or 1900 12-11-11@2Vram or think yourself as an influencer. It is free for all activitiy It always for fun no more and no less, you can do it with ln2 and pocketed $10K at competition or you can spend $1K to find ram sticks that can do 5100 air...in the process. Just do not make it so complicated
  17. Just clock it, bench and have fun!
  18. Probly you still have to bin 4800C18 sticks to find it... and cpu with capable imc. Here with sa/io 1.45/1.3 46001T will be easy on imc and voltages
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