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  1. guys , yesterday i changed the paste on my liquid devil , the temperature delta between the edge and the hot spot decreased drastically from the original 30-35'C to 17-20'C ,(i also noticed that the block was poorly tightened) , while i dont understand why my oc dropped , previously 100% stable in games was setting wattman clocks min/max 2600/2700 in 3dm time spy, sometimes it would crash, on these settings I did my record 22131 gpu score, after changing the paste despite lower temperatures I will not pass time spy on clock settings over 2550/2650 - that also too much 2500/2600

    What could be going on?
    One thing I noticed is that before changing the paste, with clocks set at 2600/2700 real average clock in 3dmark is 2600 now it is higher 20mhz, but I can not complete test 2, and sometimes even in the first test crashes, drivers also reinstalled DDU in Safe Mode

  2. 50 minutes ago, chispy said:

    Maybe is time for a fresh re-paste , try using thermal grizzly kryonaut on a thick layer and spreaded evenly with the spatula included. This chips are huge hence the need for lots of thermal paste. This will help maybe with the core temp / Tjunction temps as it should be max around 20c difference and please do not run furmark it's a non realistic virus power load wish does more harm than good. Your score  looks good :) . 

    but this is a new card bought yesterday, I do not want to break the seal without being sure that everything is ok, I am afraid that maybe the factory did something wrong during assembly

  3. I know, I read it in the meantime, but thank You ,  there is one more thing that concern me, namely a big difference between the GPU temperature and the junction temperature, about 25-30'C, when I look through the tests it seems to me that in the testers it would be a difference of 15'C at most, in games on my card is like 48-52'C gpu , junction around 70'C and when I run furmark I have 60-62'C on the gpu and 97'C on the junction, power consumption then shows 380W, because I set it that way

    and this is my 3dmark score looks OK ?


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  4. to the authors of the x5a bios for the z490 master

    I would like to congratulate you on the work done, gentlemen, excellent job, thanks to this bios I can adjust the RTL values on my board (IoL values still not) which allowed me to measurably reduce the latency on my RAM memories, and I was already devastated by the choice of the gigabyte mobo but I regained my joy

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