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  1. Wow that's change compare to last year Hurry to see you there, i come with "Camembert" for all
  2. Hi, #1 : Count with me, i already bought my pass. #2 : Probably Both #3 : By car from Rennes, can bring 2 dewars (20L & 25L). #4 : We think about it, answer asap #5 : Oui, je participes au workshop ^^ ++
  3. Thks guys ! Subaru > Delided, not polished, never test max cpuz Freq.
  4. At the MOA 2015 i have forget the backg on one of my submit, it has been drop. That's a rules as same title. But the rules was may be not the same for all ?? http://hwbot.org/submission/2842980
  5. I just try and it's work perfectly. http://valid.x86.fr/deu6m4 I have contact CPUID for permission.
  6. Hi, Can we use a version of CPU-Z with personnal skin ? This is just a ressources (images) mod realised with a ressources editor. Screenshot in attachment. ++
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