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  1. Hi ! Just to say, there are no attached file in this topic (or they are not available for some users maybe ?)
  2. Is it possible to have it packaged as a ZIP archive please ? A much more convenient and universal format
  3. Wow I had never seen that lga1155 never got a member freq record Oo
  4. No matter what Intel will do with CannonKabyStuffs, my next rig will be the top of Zen CPU with this little C6I.
  5. Extreme aircooling spotted, pliz move to Apprentice PJ. Good luck guys.
  6. For Hwbot Prime, one of the key tweak is to try differents JRE (Java engine). Beta Java 9 JRE are much more powerful.
  7. "Let's update scores on our forum about team cup 2016" *click on SC5 Dogpile*
  8. That's testing ! What is the difference between "save base" and "save-hwbfor9" ?
  9. these libraries are in all previous java builds, so i don't think there are any problems with adding them.
  10. Good morning/evening folks. I bump this thread to know if the use of W8/10 is still in the thoughts of staff ^^ Again, i encounter the issue of newcomers who submits on W10 because it's their H24 rig, and don't understand well when it's allowed/disallowed. I try to explain them how it works, but it cause disappointment. I still think it's a huge restraint to bring more newcomers, even with the actual rule disallowing W10 for pre-Skylake on 90% of benchmarks. RagingCain provided us a functionnal tool called Harmonic (Harmonic | BYTE Me Development ***8211; Advert Free Browsing ^.^), which can prove that a score is valid by adding it in the screenshot. Yes "something more to screenshot", but it's better than "i can't have points or submit in any comps". Is anything planned on this point, or no more enhancements are expected ?
  11. What you need is getting in touch with Steam, and work together (with Futuremark expertise) to provide an benchmarking API. Get a huge wave of newcomers, and a crazy cash income. ... Well, sounds like a bad idea after writing it, pls don't do that. Seriously, it's a good idea to add games. But screencap verification might add a lot of work for moderation on larger rankings.
  12. Images in submits like screenshots are all uploaded, ofc you can make your cleaning on your PC without risking to lose it on hwbot.
  13. And be sure to run the right version of wprime http://url.hwbot.org/1wnhwS4
  14. Sharing points equally between scores is not possible. Ex : XTU i3 6320 : 49 peoples at 742 marks. Let's say a top score give 100 HWP for a unique guy. So here, a 742 score will give ... 2 HWP for each guy ! And of course, a 741 marks has obviously to give less point, so it decrease to let's say 1.5 HWP. Extreme example ofc, but to mean that it devalue all of the ranking if you share points between equals scores.
  15. Screenshot for cpuz validation stages isn't hell, and it was said at first in the comp rules. For ddr modules in rig photo, can you explicitly write it in the rules plz ? Websmile, you said peoples need common sense to avoid hundreds of rules pages, but peoples doesn't have all the same common sense. Invest in a solid keyboard, you will always have to write rules
  16. For the family bug, look at the official announcement, the correcy labels are in ^^ Thx websmile for your answers ^^
  17. These Stages are much nicer than the first batch I have too several precisions in mind : SC1 : Stage 2, how many GPUs ? I assume Full Out mean 4-way allowed ? SC3 : Stage 5, how many subs are required 1 or 3 ? For SC2:S4, SC3:S2, SC4:S1/S2, it seems there's an error in display of CPU families restriction.
  18. If you intended to join the Novice Nimble, a screenshot was mandatory for the competition, and so has to be visible.
  19. Having multiple scores on one stage is not annoying on modern hardware, but it is on vintage. Like finding 3 people who have a K10 + 2 HD3000 ... would be awesome to ever find one guy. And K10 is not so old. Most of people sell their old stuff to get new one.
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