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  1. Hi, In the bios 7D13vA44 last one on PCI-E it stops at GEN 3 ? How can I get in cpu-z mainboard tab, current link speed 16gt instead of 2,5 gt? My WD Black SN 850 is a gen 4 M2-1 and my graphics card is a 5700X TPCI-E1 The last firmware is present for the ssd. I don't have this problem with the X570 Hero. Thanks
  2. The XI Apex Z390 is a LGA 1151 V2 it is possible to have the IX extreme Z270 LGA 1151 with a I3 7350K? because there is already a Z390 thank you
  3. It was the AMD driver I changed and it works. Thanks
  4. I just tried the same. I think I tried all the combinationsšŸ¤¬ AMD Radeon Graphics Drivers 21.10.2 Beta ???
  5. Hi I have a problem, I want to run gpupi with my 5700xt and it doesn't work. What did I miss? I re-installed AMD drivers idem From the fourth line always the same What does the batch and resolution matter? Thanks
  6. It is curious. Even though I'm not a step up in the big leagues. It's a shame that this card and the bios work depending on the processor.I installed a 11600K just now and I have plenty of things I didn't have. I can't benchmark it. It's a shame for a high end card.
  7. Yes it is activated, I had to buy a rocket just to have the possibilities of this card thank you
  8. Hi Is the bios different depending on the processor? I don't have NickShih oc profile I don't have memory preset my processor 10850K bios 1.4 and 1.27A Help please thanks
  9. Hi, I received mine earlier this week. Have you tried the 1.40 bios?
  10. hi would like to understand, I have a Hero X570 and a unify x the fclk on the hero I do not exceed 1933 2 t while on Unify x more than 2000 1 t for the same configuration.
  11. Hi I found this. https://www.touslesdrivers.com/index.php?v_page=23&v_code=64552
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