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  1. GSkill USA asks for invoice to be added later within package. For Intel is better to have it since are 3 years from purchase date. Dont think that stating that other pruducers dont require the POF will work as an argument for Corsair. Maybe someone with a contact at Corsair or someone that works there can help you. Unfortunately without POF is hard with Corsair, but as you can guess dont think is impossible. Regards
  2. Sigh... FM link and links for everything else like GB, Catzilla and other benchmarks works as bulletproof for your submuitted result and show that it was a valid run. Most of te time is like this otherwise some bug scores are identified by mods. This is more critical in comps like challengers or any oc-esports session. Even if is not requested you have to add it ALWAYS. If Anchoret was a novice why didnt his teammates helped him knowing that fact? Rules didnt change during competition since 1070 Ti for example was allowed since day 1. Regards
  3. Contact Corsair. They offer lifetime limited waranty You need to send whole kit with original packaging and upload/send invoice. Is like any other RMA. Physical damage voids warranty. Just did an RMA recentrly with LPX kit. Had to send to USA. Maybe in Europe you have to send within EU, but will be a similar process. Regards
  4. OCX.Chile

    [FS] [USA] 7700k

    Only reason you purchase a 7700K is for 4Core globals and yes... 1700 is cheaper. Regards
  5. OCX.Chile

    Why is the 1070ti allowed in Division V?

    I didnt have a 1070 Ti and purchased one for this comp alone. If any people is using what they have and not purchasing the best for a special competition, well... thats his/her own decision. Regards
  6. OCX.Chile

    i9 7920x

    Just the CPU or comes with BOX and stuff?
  7. OCX.Chile

    Intel i9 7980XE

    Did you submit some 2D Benchmarks like R15, x265, etc? How much freq. you achieved?
  8. OCX.Chile

    Can Ryzen be benched on Windows 10?

    Well according to rules you can use Win8/8.1/10 for GPU PI and x265, just you need to enable HPET for that Windows. You can also do some 3DMark (all) if run is valid, with no time measurement issue and valid ORB link. The above only applies (according to rules) to MBs with bus block capabilities (those that have an external refClock) to increase 100 MHz for stock Bus Speed (shown in CPUz). With such MBs that dont have thar refClock stuff, should be permitted to use any Windows to submit any benchmark. I would recommend patching Windows 7 for Ryzen. Then you can run all platforms with a CH6/CH7, Gigabyte X370 K5/K7, X370/X470 Taichi, etc Regards
  9. 7.51D was working for me when I tested some 8086Ks, just they felt a bit laggy at Windows desktop. Maybe 7.51E solves that.
  10. You need to pour a lot during bench load and torch a lot when is almost ending. If no luck then is a limit for your 7920X. Sometimes is bad mount or no much TIM quantity (been there, done that) haha
  11. Good clocks, (surely gold), something tells me your eff was not so good or you had any issues since you are not yet into sandbagging
  12. Something tells me I need to test all BIAS perf once again with CH7 using 1 BIOS just like you did.
  13. Agreed. Cross VII is more like epeen hahaha. Didnt expect Cross VI was this good. Thanks
  14. Yes, will do. Maybe with Cross VII. I forgot to tune up the SOC voltage (run on AUTO) but still could do up to 3780 MHz (3600C12 1.8v profile). Need better RAM sticks that can do close to 3900 MHz or a bit more even if I can put loose timmings. Batch is N80278. For R15 I was in a hurry, run 2 times, save score and went for next benchmark. Also with improved eff. 1st place is possible if Elmor dont have a sandbag score Thanks and regards