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  1. My first 5960X did 4700 with 1.45v with the same SOC Champion, 1.25v or below for same freq is cleary better silicon, top tier without doubt. 1.2v or less is very hard to find. Pricing is OK, considering 5960X has some maxed benchmarks. GLWS BB
  2. GLWS, strange seeing you didn't tried this baby with some cold :D. Rare card. Maybe you can add some cards running with ASIC quality toencourage some customers.
  3. Considering your article is not strange that XTU has now disabled global points. Will skip XTU from now on.
  4. off topic: water and oil doesnt mix well Bump!
  5. Im selling my Z170M OCF. I purchased it back in 2017 from @funsoul. Was used along a 8086K and other CPUs (SKL non K for example). My mod got destroyed by an accident with the M.2 and I dont have the proper tools to rewire it. Someone with the skills and equipment could do it. Sent some time ago another Z170M OCF to @mllrkllr88 with worse pad condition and he got it fixed and fully functional for a 9900K. Did some tests booting Dual channel with a G3930 and a 7700K just to be sure is working. Nothing else apart from that. Leave some pictures of MB condition, Pads and SS with my name on pa
  6. Without AVX I think it will be a real challenge trying XTU to work.
  7. Sold my M9A some time ago. Was not able to test it. Sorry.
  8. We still need to keep volts up to 1.75v for 8/16 benchmarks just like 8700K/8086K or volts have to be lower?
  9. Are these 4x4GB kit? Regards
  10. Does this come with stock cooler or just PCB ?
  11. It cleary says non Asrock MBs. Or it affects some Asrock (very specific models) like Z170M OCF ? Never had issues. I remember seeing some problems with Asus Apex IX (Z270). Well, maybe some Z170M OCF can have PCIe issues just like 1 of my MBs needed to downgrade the MEI version to boot CoffeeLake (even with 7.51E BIOS and physical mod done). Regards
  12. Im selling my Z170M OCF. I purchased it back in 2016 from NewEgg and went to RMA some months ago. Returned as new but S/N is different from box. Did some quick testing and modding just to be sure all is working (specially with Coffee). Did a quick soldering from SKT_OC to T_GND (since are easier). Can remove mod for the buyer to put in a better position. Im including a switch with cables in order to keep support for Skylake/Kabylake. Pictures of box, bundle and MB condition. Most/all are sealed. Only little detail was using the 8600K w/o isolated pads (2 pins burnt on MB). Sol
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