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  1. My first 5960X did 4700 with 1.45v with the same SOC Champion, 1.25v or below for same freq is cleary better silicon, top tier without doubt. 1.2v or less is very hard to find. Pricing is OK, considering 5960X has some maxed benchmarks. GLWS BB
  2. GLWS, strange seeing you didn't tried this baby with some cold :D. Rare card. Maybe you can add some cards running with ASIC quality toencourage some customers.
  3. Considering your article is not strange that XTU has now disabled global points. Will skip XTU from now on.
  4. off topic: water and oil doesnt mix well Bump!
  5. Im selling my Z170M OCF. I purchased it back in 2017 from @funsoul. Was used along a 8086K and other CPUs (SKL non K for example). My mod got destroyed by an accident with the M.2 and I dont have the proper tools to rewire it. Someone with the skills and equipment could do it. Sent some time ago another Z170M OCF to @mllrkllr88 with worse pad condition and he got it fixed and fully functional for a 9900K. Did some tests booting Dual channel with a G3930 and a 7700K just to be sure is working. Nothing else apart from that. Leave some pictures of MB condition, Pads and SS with my name on paper. Have a 20 minutes test running AIDA64 but maybe is not the test potential buyers are looking. Should have the bundle somewhere but for now i have the box, the foam for MB and the ESD bag. Box got soaked during a flight from Los Angeles to Santiago but that time there was another Z170M OCF. Item location is Chile. Can show more proof if needed (since is my 1st selling post here). No returns. Price = 200USD + PP Fees + Shipping. No trades for now. Need to cover some extra expenses to a Portland/Vancouver trip. Have sent to USA before and most of the times for packages with this weight prices are like 20-25 USD and it takes close to 15 business days upon delivery. Regards´╗┐
  6. Without AVX I think it will be a real challenge trying XTU to work.
  7. Sold my M9A some time ago. Was not able to test it. Sorry.
  8. We still need to keep volts up to 1.75v for 8/16 benchmarks just like 8700K/8086K or volts have to be lower?
  9. Are these 4x4GB kit? Regards
  10. Does this come with stock cooler or just PCB ?
  11. It cleary says non Asrock MBs. Or it affects some Asrock (very specific models) like Z170M OCF ? Never had issues. I remember seeing some problems with Asus Apex IX (Z270). Well, maybe some Z170M OCF can have PCIe issues just like 1 of my MBs needed to downgrade the MEI version to boot CoffeeLake (even with 7.51E BIOS and physical mod done). Regards
  12. Im selling my Z170M OCF. I purchased it back in 2016 from NewEgg and went to RMA some months ago. Returned as new but S/N is different from box. Did some quick testing and modding just to be sure all is working (specially with Coffee). Did a quick soldering from SKT_OC to T_GND (since are easier). Can remove mod for the buyer to put in a better position. Im including a switch with cables in order to keep support for Skylake/Kabylake. Pictures of box, bundle and MB condition. Most/all are sealed. Only little detail was using the 8600K w/o isolated pads (2 pins burnt on MB). Sold as it is. Some quick Benchmarks with 8600K@ 4600 MHz, cache to 4400 MHz an 3200 MHz BDie RAM (I already know is a mediocre OC so dont complain) Item location is Chile. Can show more proof if needed (since is my 1st selling post here). No returns. Can provide original invoice to do warranty (if you bent pins or burn anything haha) Price = 280 USD + PP Fees + Shipping Have sent to USA before and most of the times for packages with this weight prices are like 30-35 USD. Regards
  13. GSkill USA asks for invoice to be added later within package. For Intel is better to have it since are 3 years from purchase date. Dont think that stating that other pruducers dont require the POF will work as an argument for Corsair. Maybe someone with a contact at Corsair or someone that works there can help you. Unfortunately without POF is hard with Corsair, but as you can guess dont think is impossible. Regards
  14. Sigh... FM link and links for everything else like GB, Catzilla and other benchmarks works as bulletproof for your submuitted result and show that it was a valid run. Most of te time is like this otherwise some bug scores are identified by mods. This is more critical in comps like challengers or any oc-esports session. Even if is not requested you have to add it ALWAYS. If Anchoret was a novice why didnt his teammates helped him knowing that fact? Rules didnt change during competition since 1070 Ti for example was allowed since day 1. Regards
  15. Contact Corsair. They offer lifetime limited waranty You need to send whole kit with original packaging and upload/send invoice. Is like any other RMA. Physical damage voids warranty. Just did an RMA recentrly with LPX kit. Had to send to USA. Maybe in Europe you have to send within EU, but will be a similar process. Regards
  16. Only reason you purchase a 7700K is for 4Core globals and yes... 1700 is cheaper. Regards
  17. I didnt have a 1070 Ti and purchased one for this comp alone. If any people is using what they have and not purchasing the best for a special competition, well... thats his/her own decision. Regards
  18. OCX.Chile

    i9 7920x

    Just the CPU or comes with BOX and stuff?
  19. Did you submit some 2D Benchmarks like R15, x265, etc? How much freq. you achieved?
  20. Well according to rules you can use Win8/8.1/10 for GPU PI and x265, just you need to enable HPET for that Windows. You can also do some 3DMark (all) if run is valid, with no time measurement issue and valid ORB link. The above only applies (according to rules) to MBs with bus block capabilities (those that have an external refClock) to increase 100 MHz for stock Bus Speed (shown in CPUz). With such MBs that dont have thar refClock stuff, should be permitted to use any Windows to submit any benchmark. I would recommend patching Windows 7 for Ryzen. Then you can run all platforms with a CH6/CH7, Gigabyte X370 K5/K7, X370/X470 Taichi, etc Regards
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