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  1. Pain. Pain, just pain. 3 hours, and this is the only result that I can post. BRUH
  2. Bump the voltage to 1.7. That should give you an edge. Otherwise great run!
  3. My pleasure. P55, consumer X58 (like I like to call it) is a very fun platform.
  4. Cpu-z bugs out if you change BCLK in OS. Real multiplier is 25.
  5. On air? Wow, very very nice result. Hynix DJR I presume?
  6. Too bad. Anyway congrats again. I love to see chips pushed to their maximum on Ambient.
  7. Wait, just seen the other score ( SuperPi 32M ) that you can't go higher on the core. Too bad. Good CPU tho. Try messing with the CPU BCLK Skew ( IO and CPU ) and set them to minimum to get an edge on BCLK.
  8. Nice score! Try BCLK for higher Memory + CPU Frequency. Well done!
  9. Wraith stealth?! Mad lad! Superb run my friend and what a great chip!
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