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  1. What is the performance boost I can get from pushing my card to the limit. My dad is https://xender.vip/ https://xender.vip/https://xender.vip/ convinced that it’s not worth it because i would get only a 3% boost for 5 years off of my graphics cards lifespan. Help appreciated. https://nox.tips/
  2. I have 4x8 of G.Skill Ripjaw V rated at 3600mhz, but when I try to load the XMP profile of the RAM it causes massive instability. My cpu is an i9-11900kf and motherboard is an ASRock Z590-C/ac. Computer is perfectly stable without using RAM XMP profile. I have tried increasing the RAM voltage as high as 1.45v and no dice. Anything else I should try?
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