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  1. hmm just tried all 3 benchs with my gaming 24/7 OC and im 6th, pretty cool haha
  2. Im getting the same error all the time now with my submissions and all is correct. All with 3dmark submissions , numbers are fine and everything is ok. I cant submit my 3dmark scores and i didnt try to submit any other benchmark since im doing 3dmarks now. Please some admin can check whats going on ?
  3. Hey i cant submit either, i get " Oops. Something went wrong. We could blame this on you but it`s most likely our crappy coding skills. You could try again or nudge our developpers for fixing this. " Ive tried 10 times... boring. Whats going on? thanks.
  4. I just did a new one at 4600mhz and the pny cards 1202 ( 1306 boost ) / 1900... 32887 points. Somehow Catzilla has some issues with GPU boost 2.0 since it just disappear when i bring more OC to the cards, will try later. All the rest benchs and games has no problems with higher OC, must be something with catzilla itself.
  5. Yeah both pny cards were at factory OC ( 1150/1800 ) they do much more. Also the 4770k was only at 4500! I will more later
  6. Sorry for uploading the verification screenshot with CPU-Z all the same... my mistake! Here is the screenshot with CPU-Z : Memory and Motherboard info... http://i62.tinypic.com/2qly653.jpg If you can change it for that one, would be cool. Thanks!
  7. I was 3rd and i went to 2nd because 1st place was a fake and i lost points in the process? Lol ok !
  8. no memory CPU Z , no info at all... how this can be ranked?
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