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  1. Hello people! I am not nearly as badass as you are guys, but if I am not breaking any forum rules I will ask you for help regarding my experience with Gigabyte RX6900XT Xtreme Waterforce. I bought it 2-3 days ago, replaced my referance RX6800. Firsly, It would not even pass Time Spy or even start Fire Strike, PC just shut down 2 days ago. Then I discovered that MSI afterburner, which was running in the background all the time, was causing some instability issues or something like that. Uninstalling that app helped, I am able to pass Time Spy/Fire Strike at stock. Now, if I try to OC it, like 2.7-2.8Ghz on Core and it is unstable it still shuts the whole PC down. I have never encountered something like that, as before that there have been freezes, artifacts or unreponsive driver, but never shutdown PC with RGB of CPU monoblock and RAM still on. Reinstalled windows as well today, but no joy. Is this a normal behaviour? RIG: 5950X X570 Master 16GBx2 Corsair Dominator EVGA 850GA Gold. Any advise or tweak or anything would be much appreciated!
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