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  1. I can't force hwinfo to read core temps from my 960T + Cr4E so I used a sempron. Wich has good temp sensor reading but still writes 960T. I think with a 4500mhz core clock limit, we shouldn't be so strict with temps. Cpu ihs temp usually exists even in unlocked situations. Or simply leave temp restricition ? Don't think any type of cpus needs subzero cooling to reach 4500 mhz, however X6 phenoms will be chilled below zero I guess if restriction obsolete. How can I adjust affinity for hwinfo on a sempron 145 ? :DDDD
  2. Wow ! Amazing ref clck ! Very big grats for reaching this !
  3. Alpi

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Awesome things, awesome posts !! What was the problem with 2200 ram ? Imc or some timing ? tRas is very low compares to a usual psc timing but obviously i haven't any exp with this ic and Am3 cpus.
  4. Alpi

    AM3 RAM OC?

    I bought a 960T. Yesterday I made some tests in my 990xa-ud5 and found that not the highest mem freq gives the best effs. Between 1750 - 1850 gives good bandwith and very low latencys too. I'm sure it's changing depend on cpu freq / benchmarks / tweaks even boards and / or bioses. http://hwbot.org/submission/3989851_
  5. Wow ! that's solid ! Grats ! Ridiculous how Dfi stuffs can be pushed.. Nice, nice ! :P
  6. Haha, and this first place can't be beaten ! ;) Welcome Rx590 !
  7. Alpi

    FS: s939 cheap bundle

    Up !