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  1. Pretty strange, I mean usually ppl like those boards. Last year was a round with Am2 cpus, a lot of submission was made with 790x-ud 's. But ok, anything can happen under cold. I haven't got any experience with ln2.
  2. What was the problem with the board ? Usually ppl loves them. I have an ud3p and also like it.
  3. Alpi

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Cr IV does that clock moves at me too. It's tricky to stay between the 5 ghz low clock barriers. At that high it causes pretty big cpu clock fluctuating.
  4. Alpi

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Don't really like psc with this platform. I prefer hypers. Those chips have some specific what made them very good for Am3. I like these cpus, You have more than one way to improve eff. With later bios (what is for Fx cpus too) I was able to set ram freq spectacularly higher but at the cost of latency so I can't move forward at all.
  5. Alpi

    AM3 RAM OC?

    Mine is very close ! http://hwbot.org/submission/3678064_alpi_superpi___32m_phenom_ii_x2_555_be_16min_31sec_719ms/
  6. Omg.. 3.6 ghz @ 1.65v with ss is really terrifiing. It's strange how bad Athlon's You can find. I've tested some Semprons unlocked to 2 core and all of them was much better overclockable than Athlons. However seems they are made from something comparable architecture.
  7. Yes, pic isn't much better than nothing. :) Actually the actual setup can be seen but before start. My An7 died that day. Sb chip shortage probably. :( I was pretty sad and angry and I've missed to take a picture while benching. Your kind words feels so good, thank You for those ! I should make a bit better result till the competition end I think. I own a better clocker cpu than this one. If not, I will delete this submission because it's really debatable ! I promise. :P R.I.P. my poor An7. :(((
  8. If You hang on rams or struggling with them time to time You should try another bioses. It's one of the most important step to find a good bios for Your config. Ofc You can change many things but some main behaviours depends on bios. Huge changes can be happened from a bios change.
  9. It can be more things even set a half multi on ht can solve it but usually it means Your ram can't work on actual settings.
  10. If You have a screen at 300 mhz with the proper tabs and a validated 304 mhz link, You can submit the 304 mhz. The gap have to below 5% between them.