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  1. Thx guys ! Nice to see my Am4 based sub has some interestings for many of You. @Leeghoofd : Last time it happened, started the Fx era. :)))) @kicsipapucs : Yes, we should ! Unfortunatelly only a few ocers left here but its not a unique, local thing even more unfortunatelly. I have a less productive period also, especially here in Hwbot. I think / hope a bit better days will come for us, for ocers.
  2. Thx ! Than build a set, turn on power and lets find out how big is this new land ! Curious about your findings or even your first feelings after 1-2 test.
  3. Thx guys ! Yes, I wish this year will be just like this first day ! Felt really good that I was able to do some competitive 3d finally ! Historical moments though, first Amd thing that works pretty good in Vantage ! :)))
  4. Ahh.. When I've seen it, klicked with fingers crossed, pls not been an old sub, pls ! :) Keep up my way as an atheist just as I used to ! :) Happy New Year ! ;)
  5. Really worth to see untweaked time to time for me ! Awesome graphics ! @TerraRaptor "recent results of suzuki with 4790k prove that easily " Man ! Seen them million times ! If I would be even close I knew I did it real good !
  6. As I think zen+ has a small advantage in mem latency. Its not so easy to measure properly, but pretty hard to improve mem perf after a level with zen2. (In spi. because you need latency not more bandwith in the end) Good game however.
  7. Wtf ! I was sure that You jokeing with the backup thing earlier ! Crazy ! :)
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