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  1. Thx ! It was the max. measured, benchmark running somewhere 4,550 - 4,600 most of the time. Shows how "bad" is Prec.Boost. I think it's very underestimated and usually hated by most of the Zen owners but no one really knows it. Unfortunatelly it isn't any common that bioses let You really customize the algorythm for Your actual cpu and I can accept if it becames unwanted pretty fast. A badly working pbo isn't too nice, not a question. I am lucky with this board, Asus made brilliant work on every bios with every new Agesa. It becames always significantly better. Fortuantelly for a while, sche
  2. Nice ! Now Your board beating 50% of the ones with official support for Zen3 with this good performing 1933 fclk ! ;)
  3. So cool to see Spi32 surrounded such a new enviroment. Last gen hw, Win10, benchmate and the well known spi calculation window. World is changing, spi32 still with us ! Very good and nice suggestion ! :)
  4. Insae ! Didn't give a penny for a full Amd wr in any 3d just even a month earlier ! :) Nice, very nice ! New winds blowing !
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