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  1. Wow that card, just seen ! :O One of my favourite vgas, looks like a Vasarely paint.
  2. Thx guys ! I hadn't expected such high points but i found a setup where narly 500 points boost could be seen (don't going to tell to You because it's a competition but could be the 1:1 mem divider. :DDD ). Strange bench, hard to tell what needed to higher points. Boards vrm couldn't stand any higher clocks because of huge drops, don't want to torture longer.
  3. Inane work on this board ! 267mhz mem with tight subs are pretty much lead You to max out every chip You just want ! Very nice, very nice ! I'm curious of Your future work, keep pushing ! ;)
  4. Omg what clocks are those ?!?!? :O Insane vga ! And insane work, congrats !
  5. 235 is what two of my boards could reach. Both of them were blue slotted. My experiences are better with black ones so I have to join to Mr.Scott in this case. My best board could do 250 fsb out of box and a little more with vmod.
  6. Another fast test. That setup on W10. Crying and crying.... :DDDD Cpu clocks were 200+ mhz higher even... https://hwbot.org/submission/4204154_alpi_superpi___32m_with_benchmate_ryzen_5_3600_8min_45sec_207ms?recalculate=true
  7. NAh, to test the new bios, I did some spi32 runs. 7301 works flawless ! No more C5 just normal boot or hang. Os : W7 64, try to turn on, off smt, waza but I guess lucky run is what You need. Infrared's 8:17 is crazy clear run ! Can't go closer, always had some slower loops and Infra passes. Nice run, grats ! Simply can't hide You are genius ! 😉
  8. Nice ! Such a legendary duo ! So good to see submissions like this. ;)
  9. Np ! Haven't got any mentionable stuff just wanted to do a submission for fun. I miss this competitions so much, unfortunatelly I haven't got too much oldschool stuff and what I have, those are from the latest "oldschool types".
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