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  1. Sold in Russia for 235€. Topic can be close. Thx for all.
  2. 4500 14-14 1Т 1.785V on this kit in room 30C. https://hwbot.org/submission/4794373_
  3. Look at stable's cfg. I can 4900 19-19 1T 1.576V for stable, lol. It not ratio problem. I think so tight rtl on cl 14 for IMC
  4. In bios i can boot 4900 14-14 1T 2.02v, but it is unstable in os with maxmem. I think it IMC trouble's
  5. I can't do it settings now, cuz i have about 30C in room. RCD 13 isn't stable in pi on my kit, tighter rtl don't boot IOL 6, i try this. I think it is max settings for my CPU. Cuz i can't boot lower CWL, and have trouble with RCD in full stable settings on dual rank. 4800 17-19 CWL 18 on dual channel. 4800 17-18 CWL 16 in single, u can look at my screenshot. Maybe this kit can do more, and all trouble in 1151v2 socket or bad CPU. I haven't system 10xxx/11xxx or amd 3xxx/5xxx for testing it. But i think this is great result for 1151v2 on ambient. I have problems with CWL 13 and lower, 2b post on 4000MHz and higher. Idk what is this, cuz i have it on all dram kit, what i have. I took Smoke ln2 dram 4000 12-12 1.95v, and still have 2b post. My friend qef given it for testing. Sorry.....
  6. Hi for admins, can u move this topic to for sale. I'm from Russia and my English is bad, sorry for mistake.
  7. For sale a 2x8GB G.SKILL F4-3200C14D-16GTRS Kit work fine. SuperPi32M and PYPRIME - 2B 4800 14-14-14-28 1T 1.95v on air, ambient about 18C Dim0n527`s SuperPi - 32M score: 5min 29sec 589ms with a Core i9 9900K (hwbot.org) Dim0n527`s PYPrime - 2b with BenchMate score: 8sec 144ms with a DDR4 SDRAM (hwbot.org) In single channel I can boot 5100 19-19-39 1T 1.55v Dim0n527`s Memory Frequency score: 2550 MHz with a DDR4 SDRAM (hwbot.org) Stable cfg: 4200 17-17-17-38 1T 1.361v 4400 16-17-17-36 1T 1.522v 4533 17-17-17-37 1T 1.486v 4800 17-19-19-38 1T 1.576v 4900 19-19-19-39 1T 1.576v Single channel: 4800 17-18-18-38 1T 1.576v Price 240€
  8. Hi. Please delete this sub: Dim0n527`s SuperPi - 1M with BenchMate score: 6sec 438ms with a Core i9 9900K (hwbot.org) Screenshot was wrong. I go cpu to x55 for open CPU-Z. I was afraid that there would be a BSOD when opening the CPU-Z. When I open it, goes back to x57, but TurboV was lagged and dont apply frequency. As u can see core speed 5500MHz. Thank you so much. Sorry for my english.
  9. Great job. Can you send me your BIOS? I can't start more than 4500MHz, but I have dram which can goes to 4933 15-15 at 2v.
  10. 4500 17-18-18-38 2T DRAM 1.5V VCCIO 1.237V VCSA 1.337V with 8700k HT on. TridentZ 3600c15
  11. DRAM voltage 1.435v, vccio 1.237v, vcsa 1.325v. At higher voltages on dram, vccio, vcsa than now, i'm stuck on a bF post.
  12. How are u get 4600MHz on ur Apex X. I have start only with 4500cl18
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