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  1. this time it took 1 hour with battery off . I flashed the board with bios 1001 . I really like it :
  2. i shutdown my computer earlier and now the board won t boot .(bios 0902) This is the second times in 2 days. Yesterday i had to remove psu and battery for a few hours to make it boots again.
  3. hi , right now i can boot at 140 bclk with 12/12/12/12/28 timings and 2400mhz ratio . I can bench at 145 mhz bclk under os . Is it possible to go higher than this ?
  4. http://hwbot.org/submission/3114098_ 32go bdie 3815mhz , my score was blocked
  5. hi does pll termination voltage help with frequency ? I can bench fullpot with 1.4v . Thanks .
  6. Hi i,m looking for a good i3 6320 thanks .
  7. Leagues based on points won't work for people who don t' really care about ranking . U just have to delete submissions and u can compete in 4th league with ln2
  8. Thanks , i'd like to go extreme but i can't find any ln2 supplier around here . I,m working on it though
  9. Not really . U will see very big scores with ln2 soon (not from me ) . Just look at the giabyte extreme competition results .
  10. i think u can beat these scores easily . I only had the motherboard 2 days ago and i had to bench for 2 cores and 4 cores competitions . When i saw the big hwbotprime's scores i thought they were bugued at first but i was able repeat them consistently . I had higher score (+100 points ) but but i decided not so save them . When i see 7200+ at 5ghz i assume thoses scores were ok finally . I have videos too .
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