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  1. Thanks everyone, this is one of the hardest benches around to get fast on, especially AM4 platform.
  2. I tested every memory setting I could at 3133, 3200,3333 and 3600 in preparation for cold. My 3133-3333 memory is all the same in the end, with no benefit in timing changes Still today I put it back on ambient to test more and yet another day where efficiency went down the toilet. It almost feels that if it’s working well, you have to go cold straight after or you lose out. One reboot can make a change that you cannot get back. If AMD allowed access to RTL or IOL it would be far more beneficial for us. not really sure why I tortured myself with it again today, but I guess that’s what 32m does to people. Time for a rest
  3. Hey _Mat_, I was waiting for someone to notice that. I honestly only used it for the ramdisk. I tested with LPM I think it was called in there but it made no notable difference in efficiency. Also, the previous session when I was cold and on the limit, I kept BSOD when opening everything so the less I had to do, the better. I don’t believe it was a program issue, just not all the cores on the cpu were happy with load at 5750mhz. Even this one I changed to 32bit CPUz to make the screenshots quicker and less load. I found that I could achieve 2 second more efficiency than my usual technique by opening in benchmate, then closing the main program, run my Waza and start my run. Every run was within 0.2s consecutively this way. For example, at 4.2ghz, with my usual Waza run, I would be 7m58.6s, but using benchmate with real-time, cpu affinity to my select core (core4) and ramdisk only, would be 7m56.3s at its best (with Waza of course) If I knew how to setup ramdisk separately I would try that. If anyone can explain how, I’d be happy to check the efficiency that way too while I still have the CPU. im not sure that would be considered as altered at all, but happy to share any of my findings or technique for full transparency. Can even image my OS if you would like to check from your side.
  4. Can you still use Benchmate in those if we chose?
  5. FYI. When I started my session the other day, I was having some strange BSOD happening (was a voltage in the end) but tested 1566/3133C10 setting at 5.5g and was at 6m15.9s. weirdly, I was checking my efficiency at -20 when I started and found that I had lost 0.6s to 1s at 4.5G from the day before. Spent maybe an hour with warming and trying different ways to retrain and couldn’t recoup that missing time. Moon phase or day can really make a difference. I had a 3600 profile set to test too but LN2 was limited. Also when trying for 1667FCLK moisture under the CPU came into play and ended the day for me, I was warming to -60 just to boot by that stage which was fraught with 00 and 07 code reboots. If I had another 50L on hand I would setup again and retry.
  6. I have same efficiency with 1CCD and 2CCD. disabling SMT helped a little, but I don’t have comparison screenshots for that.
  7. Update, looks like 1633 FCLK full pot is also a go. https://hwbot.org/submission/4324190_karta_superpi___32m_ryzen_9_3900x_5min_58sec_509ms Save this from life in a gamer and someone use it for the right reasons.
  8. I am done on this for now. No real plans to re-bench now that I have made the 6 minute mark. I’m sure you can improve in time with those clocks available. On the fence to re-do the 2700X now with the little LN2 I have remaining. I have some pretesting screens to share when my headache eases. Anyone with a chip capable of 5.8G and over 1500fclk should be able to achieve 6 minutes with the right setup.
  9. Had a chance today with what LN2 I had left. Took a good 30L in total just today. So many runs just short of the 6 minute mark for so long, its awesome to have actually done it now. Sorry Max, got past you. https://hwbot.org/submission/4324190_karta_superpi___32m_ryzen_9_3900x_5min_58sec_509ms
  10. You are doing it wrong mate, let me rerun cold, think I have something that works a treat Will share when I have it 100% nailed.
  11. @Leeghoofd Can we separate global's between Intel and AMD for SuperPi, would get more people running it. People don't understand the time, cost and effort this really takes. I took an easy 100L+ of LN2 to fall 0.115s short of breaking the 6min mark.
  12. Congrats man. I’ve been retesting 2700x as my 3900x didn’t have the clocks to get there. Onwards and upwards.
  13. I just wish I had more chips and LN2 at my disposal. very much a fun platform to try and tweak. I wouldn’t call myself a master, more luck than anything. The days lost testing this stuff is insane for a person without a clue on how to tweak an OS. It’s all a guessing game on my end.
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