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  1. Can you disallow Titan Z while we ban Fiji/Polaris Duos?
  2. I thought country cup was about having all the highest scores? Have I been doing this wrong all these years?
  3. You don't get what anyone is saying or said. Just ask the simple question, "mobile chips allowed or only desktop" and leave it at that. All you do is look like a know all that causes more friction than solves the question. I have a simple question @Leeghoofd, is 775 and 771 going to be treated as the same socket like 1151v1/2? or can 771 be run on 775 board like last year? Love your work mate, going to be an interesting one.
  4. You do truely struggle to not complain about everything hey Pretty sure it’s been clear why, just suck it up an move on. my body is ready Alby, lets break some shit
  5. Has other people all benched it already Shane? Pass it around with your board please
  6. Haha. The only sharing I’ve done is try someone else’s board to confirm my Chip was ok. Is that an issue?? never touched an ES. what I seen lately, is a couple of you guys using what looks like same board and same ES chip, with you being from the same team. Just sharing an observation. Any pointers who to ask for the 3 7740X’s?? 😂 Great score regardless of my comment.
  7. I have similar on my 3900X. Basically, every reboot down to -38 to retrain and boot. Is a lot of torching and wasted litres of LN2. Any lower temp would 8d code on reboot. Using my Single Stage is futile, as -58 is a bad mem training zone. I found the same with FCLK, make no difference as the big is training, not FCLK related. My last session was on 1001 bios which wasn’t good for CB for me. Same CBB behaviour on the C6H. In time I hope there is a fix to help. Will retry on 0050 bios on next fill. On gigabyte board, with some mem settings could reboot with -150 to -170. But didn’t spend a lot of time on it.
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