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  1. KaRtA

    The Official Country Cup 2018 thread

    Hope this background is right. I’m going full pot with it right now.
  2. I don’t think so man. Tried a E8600 that binned pretty well and hit the same spot (715-718) so think it’s about the top for this board. Cpu actually went to 725 but froze. I don’t think LN2 will improve it, but if I have any left near the end I might retry again with this chip. Single stage runs around -55
  3. Can someone sponsor me LN2 please. The constant pour in insane.
  4. Probably touched 20 all up. Best was 5.5 @ 1.49v
  5. 5.6g is very nice. Of all the ones I binned I didn’t see one that could go that far. Did you have a temp on the water out of interest?
  6. I don’t think I was that high. Will be trying again later. Board was complete trash trash on air though, I can tell you that. Struggled to boot past 580 on chips I was booting easy 635+ on the Rampage.
  7. Oh. I searched high and low for this baby. Managaed to find 2 (other didn’t make it though).
  8. That's one strong Air result there on the board. Good board.
  9. Awesome Matt. Finally got that 8G you always wanted.