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  1. Thanks everyone. Chip is a pretty good one. SS is getting a bit old and not sure it's tuned well enough for the load. Over 1.5v it struggles to keep 4 Cores cold enough, even worse on the 8700k. DICE for sure next time will do better.
  2. IMC might agree with me better with that.....hmmmmmmm
  3. Don't worry about them Alva, just salty like the last competition. Bullshooter, if you can't handle someone doing better than you, you need to learn it happens. Alva played smart and that's all there is to say about it. Next Stages, if he still has no 8700k will be a different story. Great scores everyone, keep at it and Good luck to all.
  4. That's not H2O, wait........that's right, not sure any of yours are H2O (because of antifreeze).
  5. WOW, fantastic time buddy. Well done. I got nothing left for this comp, so go for it.
  6. Worldwide league, without points

    Where does it say "support staff only can comment" Pull your head in a bit buddy, flaming people giving advice won't get you anywhere.
  7. Worldwide league, without points

    Wow, really. Was just trying to help.....jeeeeez
  8. Worldwide league, without points

    I'm looking at your Cinebench results, none of them are valid as your cpuz tabs are covering the image. No point fixing your submissions if they are invalid. Also, just make sure you ticked the boxes at the bottom of the results correctly. You may have opted for it to be excluded from the rankings.
  9. Worldwide league, without points

    Having invalid screenshots isn't going to help you anyway.
  10. Insane CPU man, you tried with X265 4k yet on the SS. Mine just dies from the heat load (Idles -60 but drops to -42 on load in 4k), but yours looks far cooler running for sure. Well done