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  1. Thanks everyone. I might try again this weekend with my left over LN2. 2800 could still be possible, I saw it on my screen but failed at the valid. Moisture on the board ended things early for me I have a few things still left to try.
  2. Epic news, looks like I am modding at last then. Flashing and bricking it has scared the crap out of me so I have avoided.
  3. So no need for FW update? I have still got Z97 firmware installed on mine I beleive
  4. Thanks Alby. I’ve managed to solve the issue. If anyone else else has the problem, I found it was I had the extremeoc ticked in the validation tab. Unticked it and SPD magically appeared. Now to add a screenshot program so I can actually save my subs. Total noob day today.
  5. I cannot get the SPD info working on my XP install. Is this going to be an issue? I only comes up blank
  6. To clarify, platform timer can be disabled on W8/8.1 and 10? Two lines conflict each other??? or is it ok off for W8/8/1/10 but not Server 2012???
  7. What’s strange is you are faster than those running right 4k settings at only 3866c12.
  8. That looks quick Flanker. For reference, I am at sub 8m10s at 4.2g. 3500c11 memory. On W7 x64 with Waza if i am find a screen, I’ll share. Still too low on time to test any further.
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