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  1. on Elmor's bios, no, turboV doesnt work for multiplier changes. I didn't try XTU
  2. KaRtA

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    One division per user?? This was a thing. I did Div 1, 4 and 7 last year. I know only points counted for one but I don't care. It's fun doing them all.
  3. Has great CPU, Great SS, Great Memory, runs junk profile.
  4. KaRtA

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    Says only use AMD processors. You tolololololing
  5. KaRtA

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    Not sure you are aware, but: (a) rare as fuck (b) high possibility that the chips cannot do 4.5g on ambient temps so zero care given haswell/DC are the only real chips for this. Agree withnt countryman, why not have open cooling on RAM, ambient on cpu is fine, could make it interesting
  6. I think the simple response as a tweak is the topography on the Crosshair hurts it’s speed. Possibly need to use Gigabyte or Asrock for the boost. Without those boards though, it’s hard to tell, plus they both have cold issues as far as I know.
  7. KaRtA

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    I like the concept. I like the ban hammer I like the moderators i like benching fixed clock
  8. That looks like you have too low maxmemm to me. 600 is too low. When I run below 900mb I have very bad performance as it runs out of memory. Try 1000-1200 and see if the problem goes.
  9. If you don’t set affinity then your score will be rubbish. You need to sort a Waza out or you are wasting time too. The score can vary a fair bit without it and I even noticed up to a 1 second variance using differnt cores too. Ive got other platforms on the bench at the moment prepping for a review so I can’t do a 4ghz just yet for you to compare.
  10. Yes. Happens to me too. Lose a few seconds in efficiency. I know why. You will work it out pretty quick.
  11. I didn't read anything in here, so my un-biased opinion. I think Comp points should only relate to say the "Challenger Series" in one year. Past that, rolls to the next year. There should be no link from year to year, and then it can be used as a ranking for the year only. Time passes, people stop benching, they are not relevant anymore in that year. This will help distinguish the current and retired benchers. Don't get me wrong, I am all for an inflated boost to my ranking cause I enjoy the competitions, but fell any competition should be separated from the main database rankings, otherwise we are just going back to Rev7 and it's complexities from having too many "rank" classifications.
  12. I still have my board and chip. Board isn’t the best clocking though
  13. Don’t worry. It’s a board related issue that holds back efficiency I believe. Yet to test for myself. The fast guys efficiency guys are running on Gigabyte and Asrock. Asrock lacks in memory, and Gigabyte lacks in cold volts causing CB issues. It’s eother just the memory setup on the Crosshairs, otherwise they know something we don’t and neither of them will share. Do a run at 4.2g. I was 4m14 to 4m17s without Waza. I never tested at 4g, takes too long and I don’t have time for that. Best luck woth with your sub 6m. With your cpu I know I’d be there by now.