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  1. Killer stuff mate. DR DIMMS get a great boost in this too.
  2. we need you to share how you do these. Especially your celeron high freq on the Rex. I cant even get the chips to be recognised. Congrats on yet another massive achievement
  3. yeah, I get where you are coming from Roman, but it's looking like the community isn't on the same side as you. Will pop onto discord and check the discussion there.
  4. it was cold slow mate. I have a special bios to retry
  5. I'd like to know from those with the now "cold scared" chips, if they were all using an Apex when this happened. My gut feel is the board if causing an issue through a faulty rail or something.
  6. It doesn’t need deleting, it just needs points disabled. Are mods onto this? Sorry Sam for the negative comment. Congrats on the result.
  7. Unify is strong, but latency is holding it back. Have a bit more testing to do in future.
  8. Thanks again, was bloody hard going. Will wait til Zen3 to run again at this stage.
  9. Can anyone that has done the mod please confirm if A2 PCB ram has been improved? ie 4133C12-11-1T is possible, or is it still a house of pain. Not going to mod the board if it isn't any better, will find A0/1 RAM.
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