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  1. 3866C12 ram??? are you sure isn't downclocked for screenshot?
  2. What’s strange is you are faster than those running right 4k settings at only 3866c12.
  3. KaRtA

    Leagues idea

    Hey HWBot, In light of a few results and discussions again lately, I just wanted to float an idea that’s been going around in circles for years. Also, keeping in mind the changes we have just experienced with the new revision, the simplicity of the points system now seems much better, so I can see a possible point to introduce What i I would like to propose is to reduce the Leagues down to 3. I know....I know..... we keep saying it but one day I hope there can be a simple resolution. My proposal : Extreme League - for everyone using LN2, LHe, DICE and Cascade cooling. Enthusiast - everything from Single Stage, chiller, ice bucket, water, AIO, and air. (Possibly have monitoring to prove temps) Novice or Rookie - 3-6 month period. Same cooling as enthusiast Heres my thought process : Those currently in Elite or sponsored could have a flag to their name. No reason for them not to be the same as everyone else IMO. They all use the same cooling, we all know the hardware they have access too, and to be honest, the majority of guys in there are all there by choice anyway, not because they work direct for the manufacturers. I chose from Cascade and colder due to their nature. It’s harder to access a cascade than a traditional Phase Change, and sometimes takes more skill to control, much like LN2. DICE is there because hey, if you need a pot, it should be extreme. Enthusiast needs to be openend up. Think back to the days of when Single Stages first appeared in retail. For many, this was the first big push into more extreme cooling in the hobby but accessible to the masses (with a big enough wallet). IMO, this is where most “enthusiasts” will call their limit, to remove the worry of killing hardware, or sourcing DICE/LN2 suppliers. So why not make it the limit to the league. Compounding the positives to this, it it will remove the “not possible on water” rubbish that always flows, and the bullshit will end. Want to crack open a window in a cold climate, good on you, you can do this without guilt (I’m sure most do now anyway without the guilt) There’s been so many in enthusiast hide their real cooling over the years, or even remove their subs in order to avoid being caught out and moved leagues. If there isn’t the goal of staying top of the league and bullshitting to stay their, then the whole enthusiast league can only improve. Opening it up to chillers, Ice Buckets and Single Stage coolers will give them the ability to stop handicapping themselves and actually strive to improve and embrace the higher cooling methods. After all, of people don’t have a reason to improve, or try something new, why would they bother. I can call out some of the culprits I believe are in the community for this, but they know why they stay. Novice can have their own league, just to help them feel special and just have a go. Please, let’s discuss this constructively. I understand most people have had a gut full of discussing and having no resolution, but as a community that wants this to improve, I feel we need to. I’ve run out of time typing this now (I’m on lunch), but would like to add to this a bit with an idea for competition (unless a mod would rather discuss in pm prior). Thanks for the space guys.
  4. That looks quick Flanker. For reference, I am at sub 8m10s at 4.2g. 3500c11 memory. On W7 x64 with Waza if i am find a screen, I’ll share. Still too low on time to test any further.
  5. Matty Matty Matty. Let be honest on the cooling and let them know it’s know you used a chiller and the water temp.
  6. KaRtA

    Leagues idea

    Valid point bigblock. Way I was looking at it though, is it will be more encouraging for those in the league to experiment more, and take away a great amount of the bullshit. My feeling is there will be less of a problem with people running DICE and claiming to use a SS, then there currently is those running a hidden chiller or ice bucket and claiming as water. After all, not everyone has access to both a Pot and a SS. If they use a Cascade instead of a SS, I’m sure it will even come out in the was (because we have an idea of who and how many of these are around) . The other upshot is there would no longer be the cold-vs-warm climate in results. It just is what it is then. It will make the league more competitive and less about who can bin/buy, or hide their actual cooling the best.
  7. KaRtA

    Leagues idea

    hmm, I just had another look. I remember seeing in the submission screen, that ambient results required a verification Rig Picture. I can't see it now, but maybe it's because I am in Extreme??? I do feel proper rig pictures though help to remove any moderation issues. And why not share them, I love an icy pic.
  8. KaRtA

    Leagues idea

    Just floating the idea out there. Maybe monitoring wouldn't be needed, because people wouldn't need to hide their cooling. You are a novice, so you can be in the same league as anyone using the same cooling. Look at it in a more positive light, that you can try new things to actually improve your ranking further, other than worrying that you are stuck with one cooling method to stay in a particular league. I know who you are talking about too, and that's part of my spark to raise the discussion. The reasons this happens is mods are not paid, over worked, volunteer their time and have more important things to focus on. So people like this that always want to remain at the top of a league will continue to just stay there, not improve or get better at hiding their ways to keep their position. Again, we make it a simple structure, and these problems will be a far less common venture. Competition on the other hand needs to be handled far tighter, and the latest setups are looking like a great step in the right direction (nice work mods).
  9. Did you say chilled/cold because you opened the window. If so, like your integrity man. Others should follow.
  10. Sorry man, but rules is the thread state HWMonitor must be open during the run. Can tell by yours it wasn’t.
  11. That temp!!!! Hot down your way still or not delidded?
  12. That’s a clean setup dude. Like the rad support you’ve made to extend the OBT.
  13. I was being sarcastic, Happy Birthday
  14. Rig pic also incorrect. Remove this and all of NATA58's scores please
  15. Welcome to the world of "enthusiast" cooling. Move him to Apprentice already.
  16. KaRtA

    Challengers 2019 Round 1

    Constructive criticism here (I don't mean to make your life any harder Alby), Is it possible to show all of the rules on the competition page? Trolling through the forum to find what is OK and isn't is hard enough for the veterans here sometimes, for newcomers, they would have no idea what is going on. This might help those that have no clue gain a bit of a clue before running and failing to submit. Looking forward to having a bit of a crack at one of the rounds, not sure which one yet.
  17. APEX LLC5 (so droop on load), thick radiator, cooler winter air (15-18ish ambient) and push pull. Its a good CPU, still have here and hardly run since.