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  1. Don’t worry. I had trouble with my 6.8g R15/7.2g Pi chip with CB but got around it after 20L of LN2 to find the right combination of voltages. key was booting low pll termination, not over 1.6v then set eventual to 1.68v. RSVD did not work for me on that chip and only gave a 00 code every time I used it. 1.1v internal pll voltage core pll 2.35v cpu standby 1.6v dmi 1.5v but increase in OS for stability, 1.85v was fine for me, but didn’t like booting higher than 1.5-1.6v (again would 00 code) pll bandwidth 3 seemed best also
  2. I’m not rebenching brother. My CPU is off to a new home. Enjoy the gold cup mate, she’s all yours.
  3. Nice man, you could try my Z97, it hates PSC but think it loves Samsung lol
  4. I didn't realise there were no points for the lower ranks. Easy as man.
  5. I’d love to, but that would mean changing to the Asus board and new RAM.
  6. I’ll admit I thought the same. Congrats to all the qualifiers. I lucked out this year with 2 CPUs dying, my apex going up in smoke and a dead iGPU on my other chip. Was great fun.
  7. Thanks everyone. I might try again this weekend with my left over LN2. 2800 could still be possible, I saw it on my screen but failed at the valid. Moisture on the board ended things early for me I have a few things still left to try.
  8. Epic news, looks like I am modding at last then. Flashing and bricking it has scared the crap out of me so I have avoided.
  9. So no need for FW update? I have still got Z97 firmware installed on mine I beleive
  10. Thanks Alby. I’ve managed to solve the issue. If anyone else else has the problem, I found it was I had the extremeoc ticked in the validation tab. Unticked it and SPD magically appeared. Now to add a screenshot program so I can actually save my subs. Total noob day today.
  11. I cannot get the SPD info working on my XP install. Is this going to be an issue? I only comes up blank
  12. To clarify, platform timer can be disabled on W8/8.1 and 10? Two lines conflict each other??? or is it ok off for W8/8/1/10 but not Server 2012???
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