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  1. Stop whining, most people stopped benching pcm05 beacause "tweaks" got you x2 the score. And yes some guys are sponsored, deal with it, it's like that in every sport. You said you had a sempron 145, if you want globals run cinebench and wprime, there is plenty of points in those with single core AMD. And x3 and x5 is only AMD. If you want to tweak run superpi 32m.
  2. XTU is not that good. Read my post here http://forum.hwbot.org/showthread.php?p=343684#post343684
  3. Now I tested with the latest version of XTU( and PriFinitty64 for setting real time priority automatically and got this...
  4. I might have found a bug. I use BPM (bill´s processmanager) to autoset affinity and priority to real time to XTU and Prime95-bench and with that I get a bit too good scores... I have tested it on my laptop too and got the same results. This is from my benchrig and this should not be this high... And yes, it can be reproduced but with very different scores. This was done with
  5. With this one I was lucky as I only bought this one but with the e2160 I think I bought 50+...
  6. I´m confused, is it the top 5 total that is still able to submit or is it top 5 i every part?
  7. I can´t seem too get this result in the competition. http://hwbot.org/submission/2610470_the_mutt_hwbot_prime_snapdragon_800_msm8974a__(snapdragon_s4_prime)_2265mhz_2603_pps?recalculate=true
  8. Correct me if I'm wrong but the WRs in the % OC parts are calculated diffrently from the competition entrys. 307% should be 207% or add 100 on the competition entrys.
  9. Same here, one core is better. I think my cascade drops to about -86 att full load with this CPU. It seems that it likes temps under -90 because it´s totally stable when in idle and in singel threaded benchmarks below -90 but get unstable when temps rise above that. Will give it another try with Vista if I can find the install disc but first I´ll have to get some LN2 and break 5ghz.
  10. 6x495 superpi 1M on air probably 500+ validation but I didn't try higher. :-)
  11. Thanks, I hope to test this under ln2 in the near future too. Max fsb is around 552 but something is wrong with my xp install because all validation files is corrupt even at stock...
  12. Does anyone know why everytime I make a validationfile with CPU-Z it get corrupt? At first I thought it was my dirty old XP install but now I have reinstalled XP and the problem is still there. The only things installed is chipset and GPU drivers and CPU-Z of course. Please help I´m desprate! It doesn´t matter if it´s OCed or not either. And I tried both install and standalone versions of CPU-Z 1.69.2 and both F7 and Validate button with the same results, a 4kb file instead of a bigger file that actually contains info... Mobo: Rampage extreme cpu: E2160
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