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  1. With both CPU, 8700k is working, 9900k is not working. Post´s but freezes at bios splash screen.
  2. For MOCF and Apex there was another method to do the pin shortening, maybe you did that and didn´t know about? ME is fine if you can read this in bios. Only if you open the rom with a tool like mmtool then there should be a hint to the ME version before cleaning. And as far as I know pin mod is only needed for 6 core. 8350k is more kaby then coffee lake.
  3. What is happening? Nothing after pressing the power button or does it start for maybe a second and then shuts down? If nothing then try to redo the pin shortening, if it starts and immediatly shuts down then there is something me related wrong.
  4. All 6 Core are working fine, even 9900k is posting but freezes at the splash screen.
  5. Adding the microcode, if missing, is an easy task. Core selection fix is much more difficult. To change settings in bios is no problem, to add something is a much bigger problem.
  6. Great Mod! Don´t know if anyone told you; the special heat resistant Tape you used for covering the pins is called "Kapton Tape or here in germany Kaptonband" Easy to get!
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