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  1. was running some low temps at the time maybe it helped
  2. hoping to get more into this benchmarks but im working 50hr+ a week and not much time when I get home to do them but ill keep trying
  3. I dunno I was running prime and it hit that score and I was like sweet then my next runs were lower so I dunno. but no one seems to like it but its a vaild result so I dunno why it keeps getting removed?
  4. An HWBOT moderator, "GENiEBEN", has marked one of your submissions as 'checked by a moderator'. This was the reason the user gave: //ticket closed Its vaild
  5. memory in xtu is my issue/and water dripping off my water block onto my board dosnt help either
  6. mine will hardly run xtu anymore 4900mhzs fine but 5000mhzs now it just hardlocks.plus xtu isn't using more of my memory which is probley hurting my score
  7. ok whats the trick with these board to oc a chip iv tryed differnet settings for my g3258 and i cant get it oc past 3200mhzs?
  8. how is it people are doing this benchmarks when it don't start till sep 1
  9. i'v gave up with these benchmarks don't have the money to drop on new hardware to even try scoreing better, would need a 4770k or 4790k for xtu and g3258 for prime. and 1m dosnt matter any cpu works here
  10. ya I hoping to see different stuff this go around xtu and prime are pretty much haswell benchmarks and 1m is all about who got the fastest cpu would be nice to see a more rounded benchmark rumble
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