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    Sad to see a company go this way, we have bought quite a few benches off them over the years (we even made there fluids for them in the past) but fully understand the way things are some times. Respect to him for creating a good working company but sad times when things go wrong. It very easy to bury your head when the poo hit the fan and extremely hard to admit there is fault early on, esp when you put a lot of your life into running a company in this cut throat business. I bet you he tried his hardest to get out of the whole mess but seemingly hes had to file for bankruptcy which is a very hard decision to make (no one in business takes bankruptcy likely). I feel very sorry for the guys whom have been hit and lost there money. I understand how some must feel but calling him a thief isn't a good thing and i bet it wasn't intentional. We have all seen many a big and small company's fall by the way side in this extremely competitive market and i am sure there will be more to come as budgets are squeezed more and more and profit margins are getting tighter and tighter. Saddens me to see this happening.
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