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  1. Noxxphox

    LGA1366 X56x0

    q3fe es? its an 980x or? i look more for the westmere cpu's, because they are cooler. My plan is to use a insulated case, so the heat can be great although the airflow is good. So a Westmere is a better option. And I look more for x5650/60/70 because they are not so expensive, a 980x will be much more expensive. Edit: Yeah the 980x was a 32nm cpu, so long so good. But 980x normaly are very expensiv^^. What's your price?
  2. Noxxphox

    LGA1366 X56x0

    Hi, I search a 6 core for LGA1366 (Westmere). It will be for a second pc. I don't need ln2 results, need one that runs 4,5Ghz or more with round about 1,3-1,35v under air/ water stable. Hope someone have a cpu like this at home. And I search for a good 1366 oc board. I have a X58-UD3R, but if i get a good board to a good price i can't say no^^. Sry for my bad english, i am no good in writing, but i can read it very well.
  3. True I tested it with a old cvf test file... thanks for the information SO guys, happy benching and validating again
  4. i have the cvf file... the report.txt not... i need to start the benchsystem again.... i look if i have enaugh time later...
  5. thx Christian Ney hope the fix it fast Gesendet von meinem SM-G900F mit Tapatalk
  6. yeah its a globale problem... the last sibmits from 23 dec showed all the time.... i think the server crashed or something else Gesendet von meinem SM-G900F mit Tapatalk
  7. yeah me too... ok i get no record with the duron 1,1ghz... but a better place for my team... so i hope it get fixed fast
  8. good i am not the only ^^ but anyone know if they fix the problem this year?^^ i have free and time to benchmarking... and now it dont work-.- Gesendet von meinem SM-G900F mit Tapatalk
  9. nothing helps... its a problem with win10 64bit? my benchsystem runs with xp 32bit, but it down works on both. using Version 1.73.0 dont help-.- All my CVF Files are corrupt? Or why i cant upload it with my Benchsystem, Mainsystem and my Galaxy S5? Everytime i get by manual the Code 3 on the website and in the choose field is: "No Subject selected".
  10. Hm ok, yeah what i am wondering about, that i have the same problems with my Main system. Yeay, Lets try all options... Edit: Here is a Picture what the homepage says
  11. Hey, i have the Problem that i cant upload my CPU-Z validation. I use the new v1.74 and its say: "Unable to upload CVF". And when i try to upload it manual i get "Corrupted or missing CVF (Code:3)". And in the window where I chose the file is now: "No File Selected". But i selected a File....-.- I have this by my Benchsystem and my Mainsystem. Have some one else this problem or know what i make wrong? Benchsystem: ABit NF7-S2 Rev. 2 (with d26 Manta Rays XT), Duron 1,1Ghz, 512MB DDR1 Mainsystem: ASUS Maximus VII Hero, i7 4780k @ 4,8Ghz @ 1,22v, 16Gb TridentX @ 2400Mhz Cl10 Sry, my english is not so good. I can read read it well , but not write .
  12. Voltcraft k102 sounds good... what costs i have to ship it to germany? are you out if the eu? because then i habe no tax.
  13. 6x Delta AFB 1212SH fan: 18€ for all with shipping?^^ we both live in germany so its cheap
  14. im interested at 2400 BFR and 2666 MFR but with what settings they run under air? and 4, 8 or 16gb kits? do you have some screenshots?
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