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  1. Also how to submit Wprime scores through Benchmate 0.1.0 ? It doesn't save the data file that can be uploaded.
  2. Hey mate, thanks for your help, but the same error appears even after a restart. I guess after a restart, there shouldn't be any mess between the drivers of the 2 different versions, right? P.S. This morning after a new boot, 0.1.0 starts normally again. So it's obvious that the error is totally random and not affected by any ram settings, restarts, etc
  3. But this is really weird. Working fine for days and during the same day have a few hours working fine and then just starting giving this error. For both BM 0.93 and 0.10 There must be some bug appearing suddenly.
  4. Again sudden run problems with 0.10 that started this morning after a normal boot. Win10 1909
  5. @_mat_ I have downloaded the "AMD APP SDK 3.0 (OpenCL 2.0)" file and during the installation, I have selected the first option "OpenCL Runtime libraries", but still no option to select my CPU at the benchmark. Maybe I have to install something more?
  6. Hey guys, I am using an Ryzen 3600x on a x570 and everything was fine while using Win10 and benchmate 0.93 for the last 2 months. Suddenly,.during the last 2-3 days benchmate gets stuck while launching. I noticed at the task manager that the client64 process gets suspended. The only way to fix it is to open the resource monitor, find the process and resume it. I have to do this now every time I want to run it and the same happens when I launch a benchmark through benchmate, which makes the whole thing almost unusable. Is there anyone else with a similar problem? Is it a windows virus, maybe a new Windows update caused this? Tried with benchmate 0.10 too, renamed also the app folders, no change.
  7. Recently I started getting this message of Invalid Result at Benchmate's result: HPET TIMER/SKEWING: HPET32, 14.32Mhz, 1288344193844090.75ms Skewed What is wrong with my Ryzen 3600x?
  8. @cbjaust Yes I have an Radeon 570, but i don't plan to install older VGA drivers just to run this bench.Thanks anyway @macsbeach98 I just need the Amd opencl. All i find online is the whole SDK at almost 300mb. There is not a simple driver file or something?
  9. How to run this bench for the CPU? When I click the Calculate menu, it only allows me to select my Graphics card, so I can't run it for the CPU.
  10. Please add this CPU: Amlogic M802 Quad-Core Cortex-A9 1.99 GHz CPU-Z validation valid.x86.fr/a/w7anp8
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