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    I got this one mate. Is a J. Most probably chasing a little more than 500 though it's a 5.7 chip on LN2. JunkDogg`s HWBOT Prime score: 8658.91 pps with a Core i7 5960X PM me on OCAU if you want to talk about it.
  2. Once upon a time I thought of this myself. Could there not be a league/user group for "Work/Website" accounts. They don't get put into any other league, results still show under search but the actual account never gets put into a league? There is no point for a review website/blog etc to be in a league, it just saves clogging your personnel account with a metric shit tonne of submissions. My thought would be that individual's wanting one of these accounts, would have to email/PM someone about them prior to starting the account so it could be put into this user group. Just an idea anyways.
  3. Quick one. Unless I'm blind(which could be the case). There is no link to GPU-Z in the benchmark sections or under the rules where it calls that it is required. Maybe a link somewhere on this site. Just one thing that could be a little easier to find for a new comer.
  4. Where to get ABX for 780, 580 and 560Ti Hawk? Or does anyone know the AU person I'm meant to talk to?
  5. It all makes a bit more sense now. Flights and Accommodation is a big outlay and I personally can fully understand the reason to try and re-coup some/all of those costs. I think the way it was rolled out is what has caused the uproar mate. The prize page and news post only states a seat at the competition. If it is clearly stated that the prize includes flights etc people might not be so quick to fly off the handle. Just my thoughts.
  6. Have HW and LN2. Anyone want to sponsor me the entry fee? LOL Hopefully have enough time with work to enter.
  7. Will you be the chairman of this league? just a joke mate. I can see both sides of the fence and believe poor old Chilli has been only hounded now because of the 743 score. It's a unique problem, considering the poor guy worked his arse off to win the board in a competition. IMHO I'm just glad I haven't submitted with mine. Seems the headache wouldn't be worth it.
  8. I'll be in for one. Brilliant board and such an ease to use. The progress from the Z97 to the Z170 in this board is incredible. I killed my PS ports on mine(due to my terrible job of insulation, no fault of the board), so I'm for sure in for another.
  9. Looks awesome Frank mate. Damn now a 939 board with 4 pice lanes next to each other. Lol.
  10. Yeah appears to be back now, not the first time I've had it before just loads the page and doesn't have the box that includes the rules. Might be something my end. Keep up the good work .
  11. Noticed the rules for Vantage have also gone missing too @Christian Ney.
  12. Joins HWBOT, makes 2 submissions and starts complaining about the scoring mechanic? You go son!
  13. Will R8 have Boints for use of RGB's? This is the update I'm waiting for.
  14. Just report the submissions at hwbot.org. There is no need to flood the forums by replying to every single submission he has ever made with it.
  15. As titled. Chasing a Evbot and powerboards if anyone has some spare, or some they no longer want. Cheers.
  16. Keep this in mind as well. 4500 uncore is not 5000 uncore. Good luck with the sale mate.
  17. JunkDogg

    reporting subs

    Bahahaha. I'd like to nominate this thread for "Thread of the Year 2016". Keep up the good work Ozzie. Ozzie for PM 2016!!!!!
  18. S>H>I>T!! 1st place or GTFO. Someone has to stop your already rather large head from getting any bigger. LOL.
  19. Pretty sad to see MOA not available for the worldwide community without spending a fortune in travel just to try and qualify.
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