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  1. Asus Maximus extreme 3 sold up for the EVGA beauties
  2. a lot have asked me via PM, and since new hardware was found, mobos are for sale, the cpus have been sold i am asking for 200 euro for X58 board 150 for each P55 board shipping & fees on buyers side
  3. 7740Χ shipped to Italy 140 euro
  4. update Intel i7 7740X (X299) ,tray, price is 130 euros Intel Xeon E5-2603V4 (X99), tray, price is 30 euro Intel Optane 905P 960GB, with box, price is 500 euro
  5. one is sold, bump for the second, open to offers! :)
  6. for sale, 2 pieces available price is 500 euro plus shipping
  7. price update bump @Octv never used, dont have a board ATM
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