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  1. It's done: https://hwbot.org/submission/4717565_mikecdm_pcmark10_express_core_i9_9900k_10072_marks
  2. There is a radiator on top and bottom. Simple as that. If you have any doubts, please peruse every single submission of mine, than rectify your situation to ponder
  3. @Leeghoofd, By mistake my League was changed. I have been an "enthusiast' for long and it seems I will remain in this League. I don't have the means to move up the scale. I have been using Water (Custom), and in this submission I entered the wrong data ( Water (Chilled/Cold): https://hwbot.org/submission/4622351_randyenergy_hwbot_x265_benchmark___1080p_ryzen_5_3500x_42.426_fps Your help is appreciated.
  4. @ Infuriare: Are you sure buddy? Peruse the other results just below mine on the WR and you can see are guys using W10
  5. I would like to have this submission reinstated. Thank you http://hwbot.org/submission/3717536_
  6. Why was this submission removed? All I did was lowering the shunt resistance by soldering across my GTX 970 resistors: https://overclocking.guide/increase-...mit-all-cards/
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