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  1. Perhaps water. 4ghz was hitting a 82-84C temp wall with an air cooler so. Was stable at 1.35 volts though which is nice.
  2. Sweet! Thanks for the feedback, wanted to make sure i hadn't missed anything. I'll definitely insulate the mem slots better. I've done a few test runs with no LN2 to make sure everything works, will have fans around to make sure ln2 vapors don't get on things. Also will probably insulate the GPU/PCIe slot a tiny bit.
  3. So mainly I'm curious if the insulation and everything that I have done on the MSI X79A-GD45 Plus is good for LN2, and so on. (It's a 3970XCPU) So to start I have layered the area directly near the socket and around the edges of the CPU with kneaded eraser. I also have foam under the board: I then put a cut out part of an old shirt (in lieu of a towel) around the cpu and socket and then mounted the pot with the various things: Am I doing it well, not well, or? I haven't put any dielectric grease in the socket is that something that is necessary or not. I have read a few reviews that have differing opinions on it so. Thanks!
  4. I have some submissions that I made with triple display (in my case usually 5760x1200 sometimes i run VSR so its 7680x1600) and it will seem to upload fine but then it will only pick up one display on the submission, like this one did: Cavemanthe0ne`s Geekbench4 - Multi Core score: 10580 points with a FX-8370 However some still work like this one: Cavemanthe0ne`s Cinebench - R15 score: 765 cb with a FX-8370 Not sure if it has to do with the resolution or something else? But I noticed it on some subs of mine. Probably a fringe use case but still. (yes i could just edit the photos so it's a better size so theres no issues but i prefer to get the whole desktop if possible so theres no chance of rule breaking or anything like that)
  5. If you still have the GPU pot i might be interested! Will have to see how things go on my end but i will pm you if you still have it
  6. Please add: Quadro K6000 NVIDIA Quadro K6000 Snapdragon 820 & Adreno 530 edit: nvm the snapdragon and adreno were recently added thanks!
  7. Well, the old prometeia mach 1 i got needs to be recharged (i'm going to have R404a put in instead of the stock R134a for improved temps, since the thing can handle it). So it will be around -50/-60* C at no load at under load will probably hit somewhere like 0* C on a overclocked cpu if i am doing quick math right (the stock unit can handle up to 150 watts of heat, so when i switch to r404 will be able to do 175+ watts of heat) so for those temps ill probably insulate with some foam and kneaded eraser, will see what kind of condensation is/isnt forming at first. The size of the cpu is actually larger than the copper plate on the cooler, which is interesting. I might be able to put some of the "goo" that came with the prometeia to make a seal around the CPU edge, and then there would not be any issues with condensation at all. Thanks for the input, i'll throw some results and pics up when i get the phase change cooler fully working.
  8. I just picked up an old Prometeia Mach I unit, and I am a bit of a beginner when it comes to insulation and sub-zero cooling. So I had a few things im curious about- What are good methods of insulation? I have seen kneaded eraser as one, liquid electrical tape as well but will normal electrical tape with a layer of foam be good? I have put down a layer of tape on my AM3 board (it's not an amazing overclocker but will do fine for getting used to sub-zero) like this: (I've also put Dielectric grease in the socket, and will be adding foam when the cooler shows up soon) other thing: I'm getting the unit in New condition so it still has the stock R134 in it. I've researched a little and found that R507 or R404A can be put in the Mach 1 without issues, how big of a difference will this make for cooling? Is there "better" gases to use for cooling? Thanks for input!
  9. Well heres my recent sub with a 390+390X in GPUPI Cavemanthe0ne`s GPUPI - 1B score: 12sec 678ms with a Radeon R9 390X If there was a way to add in each GPU separately I could do both, but as it is I just put as 2x 390x's
  10. Ok, thanks for the info Will do. (I only ask because there is no way to put in each gpu separately afaik)
  11. Curious what a combo of a 390 and a 390X would be for bench submissions? In things like 3dmark it will probably run like 2x 390s in Xfire because of how crossfire handles different GPU's but for things like GPUPI it will use both GPU's at full speed so I'm not sure what to submit it as. (I'm asking before submitting anything as well)
  12. The model number on it is 015-p3-1480-br I dont see many of those models from evga around, not sure if that helps at all. I think the gtx 480 SOC did not have one of those chips,but most stock 480s did so im not sure what it is used for
  13. Looks like the clock chip? or something thats there normally? is missing though, is that normal for volt mod or
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