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  1. It's all good! I DON'T need to compete for the pot as I have lots. To whomever gets this awesome cpu pot. Thread the holes! It will make it way more versatile and will keep load way better.
  2. Nice gesture. No need for me to opt in. @GtiJason You just seem like a OC Wikipedia dude! You always have the most and complete Information about various stuff or subjects. You never fail to amaze me 🙂
  3. 5erveD


    Sold. Can be closed!
  4. 5erveD


    For sale a 4690k I was able to squeeze 5700 MHz out of it in cb15 obtaining 4th spot. https://hwbot.org/submission/4323222_5erved_cinebench___r15_core_i5_4690k_912_cb Had some fun with it cold, ran it a few times and then put it in a daily for about a year. Been replaced with a way better cpu and is about to gather dust on the shelve. Figured maybe someone else likes to have fun with it. Asking price is €40,- Buyer pays shipping and/or fees. Offers and/or trades are welcome.
  5. Who gives a fcuk about highest frequency anyway. Sure, make a single and all core+ht/smd category. No global en such. Never gotten the memo on the gentleman's agreement btw. When was this ? Now, can we please get back to benching. No cores were harmed in this post.
  6. Nice! Lijkt mij nog wel een aardige cpu ook. Ooit nog een keer onder de ln2 ?
  7. @ground@TAG@Gigelz Might be usefull for you.
  8. @OClockDoc Cheers! Will check it out. Nice score btw 🙂 Edit: Works as intended!
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