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  1. Selling my collection of GPU's, more will be added 🤗 Shipping from Atlanta,GA via USPS Priority with tracking to USA and Worldwide, Free shipping to USA, add $30 for Worldwide Payment : PayPal (as gift "friends and family" or please add the 2.9% PayPal fee) Thank you for checking, PM for any questions 🙂 GTX 1080 Ti, MSI Duke, Retail Box : $ 430 GTX 1080 Ti, MSI Gaming X, Retail Box : $ 450 GTX 1080, ASUS STRIX-GTX1080-O8G-11GBPS, with fast 11Gbps VRAM, Beast card #1 - binned on air 2150/1550 : $ 400 GTX 1080, ASUS STRIX-GTX1080-O8G-11GBPS, with fast 11Gbps VRAM, Beast card #2 - binned on air 2140/1540 : $ 400 GTX 1070, Gigabyte Gaming G1, with Micron, Retail Box : $ 200
  2. Ananerbe thank you bro , need much more CPU overclock and find 2 more memories for quad channel but that later
  3. Xtreme Addict , Elmor , Asus : Great BIOS , thank you guys ! :celebration: Working well on Strix
  4. elmor If you get a second can you take a look please ? Been trying to get it to work with GTX 970 Asus Strix ( Digi+ ASP1212 ) , v1b6 has a profile for it but its not changing or reading anything for some reason ? If i try Asus GTX980 DC2 (looks like same Digi+ ASP1212 controller) profile it gets a reading from monitoring and will let change voltage , however nor gpu-z nor MSI AB monitoring will report a voltage increase , still shows 1.20v all the time . And on device scan it instantly disconnects from USB for some reason and then reconnects , puzzled with that card ... Thank you , attached log file and screenshot bellow
  5. Hi i have a very simple and quick question please , can any hwbot staff or moderators clarify on unlocked shaders/units on VGA please ? Uploaded some nothing special mediocre air scores on RX 460 card (regular 896 shaders , Asus Strix with flashed unlocked BIOS) and was told by someone i have to submit in RX 460 1024 shareds section instead . I did check the box " I have unlocked this videocard, and use more cores/shaders/... than factory enabled. " while submitting . . Very confused now and almost feeling guilty , as the card is regular 896 shaders out from box . So what one should do in cases like that , when unlocking shaders/units that where not factory enabled by manufacturer . Check the special box and submit for what card model is intended or virtually "upgrade" it and submit to whatever closest next card , in this case RX 460 (1024 shader) ? This is the check box i am talking about : And this is the RX 460 4Gb 896 shaders card that has been BIOS flashed and unlocked to 1024 attached to message bellow Thank you
  6. I.nfraR.ed Beautiful , Very impressive ! How about graphics PCIe lanes , still @ 3.0 with 138 bus clk ?
  7. GPU is good surprisingly considering that on stock air was very mediocre card , around 1360MHz maximum 3DMark "stable" Its too hard to bench it on dry ice , because my has stupid cold boot bug , once it gets under ~ -70 on pot if it crashes its game over ... need to warm it a lot , not an easy task with pot full of acetone and dry ice lol
  8. Thank you Elmor ! :celebration: LN2 BIOS working great , no more dreaded cold slow ... finally , only for some reason cant figure out wheres voltage control in GPU Tweak II (maybe its hidden , checked unofficial overclocking box didnt help ) such option missing , but no big deal with eVc board of course Thank you very very much !
  9. 12 Thank you ! Voltage was default , 1150mV for those clocks due to stupid "wattman" limitation and signature required by AMD (bad bad AMD hehe) for BIOS that made it impossible to use edited BIOS , but now looks like a way to increase voltage is found even without control boards like eVc , so will have to retest with more volts of course , maybe will go higher . Not a bad middle level video card , interesting to overclock
  10. Fun lasted not long as it throttles to 300MHz as soon as reaches around 0 C So all the hope for experts now to modify it and unlock the AMD power ! :celebration:
  11. Seems some people have missed the glory days when AMD was undisputed performance champion Hopefully ZEN will bring the pricing and balance back to Earthy levels ! *poking the 6950X the Oligarch (excuse me Extreme) Edition $1723 with stick* lol
  12. Yes too bad about cold slow bug at 0 C but no doubt will get fixed with BIOS or other mod sooner or later Then it will get more interesting , already not bad performance for mid-range priced card ! Actually the card was hitting up to +17 C under load around 0 C to -5C was the pot temperature , so those clocks it managed are are closer to water cooling territory
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