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  1. Check out the new results form my team. Place 1 is now nearly unbeatebale. All thoose scores are done with a 24pp Card and now say again they were competetive with 16pp ones. If u decide for different categories then i will report the wrong ones for sure. knopflerbruce is right they are always under the fastest ones.
  2. Many people who are high(er) ranked in this category agree to split up...so do it^^
  3. Any changes incoming, splitting categorys, or is this discussion dead?
  4. Any hope or do we have to live with this unfairness?
  5. New name=new category. No one can give a proof that u flash your card.
  6. Someone was angry and found one invalid score of me, to bad that he flagged all my other scores too...that was the point^^ http://www.hwbot.org/result.do?resultId=816646 <- "i doubt PhenomII can reach this clock in NF3 Asrock mobo." oO
  7. No one blocked it, just wondering why its flagged, or reason for flagging was strange. Decide yourself^^
  8. Hey its me again Today 5 Scores of me were flagged and 1 blocked. The blocked 3DMark01 score is okay, i know whats wrong, no discussion. I'll try to rerun it with valid screenshot. But the others flagged scores confuse me. First there 4 times "GPU-Z missing", but Rivatuner is shown - GPU-Z works not for me. If my graphiccard is @stock gpu-z works, but if i overclock it and start the GPU-Z, or overclock while running GPU-Z my PC freezes, dunno why but it does. So i cant use GPU-Z. Further there are doubts with using the AGP Slots on my Mainboard - on other Scores u can see that AGP is enabled. I forget it on 3DMark06 but anyway i hope now its a valid screenshot. Aquamark 3 is also updated screen. Then the biggest joke: "i doubt PhenomII can reach this clock in NF3 Asrock mobo." Yeah "maxine" u got owned by Asrockpower:
  9. GPU-Z is right in ROPs, but not in Chip I have a G70 7800GS 16/6 but in GPU-Z it is 90nm G71.
  10. Quick facts: There are 3 sorts of 7800GS: The normal official 7800GS 16/6 - cant be unlocked. The pimped 7800GS from gainward 20/7 (7800GS glh) - cant be unlocked but still has more pipes. The uber 7800GS from Gainward 24/8 (7800GS+) - full chip, no restrictions. Also there are some 7950GT AGPs out there - perfectly fit for the 7800GS+ with 24/8. There is also a 7900GS AGP out - 20/7 pipes and nearly identical with the gainward 7800GS glh (some mhz slower). http://forums.vr-zone.com/news-around-the-web/135501-nvidia-prepares-7900gs-7950gt-agp.html Just change pimped 7800GS results in this better matching existing categories, 7950GT AGP still not existing @ HwBot?
  11. Look my CPU and the others...and then check 3dMark05 and 06, and not CPU limited Benchmarks... over 30% gain over my Score with a crappy Dualcore and a pimped 7800GS...thats comeptetive? MY 3DMark06 Score: 4689 Marks with Quadcore@3,6Ghz Best 3DMark06 Score: 6174 Marks with Dualcore@3,536Ghz Now say "competetive" again. Its impossible with an normal 7800GS -even if u could overclock it to 1GHz GPU u wont achieve such results. And thats the Point. BTW: http://www.hexus.net/content/item.php?item=15464&page=1 No new name The Reviewers gave this "new" card a name to seperate it from the old one. U wont find an officiall nvidia statement where they call the "new" GTX 260: "GTX 260 216". If u have an officiall nv link or sth, please share with me. http://www.pcgameshardware.de/aid,656838/Geforce-GTX-260-bald-mit-mehr-Shader-ALUs-Update-Bestaetigung-von-offizieller-Seite/Grafikkarte/News/ http://www.pctreiber.net/news/46-grafikkarten/209-offiziell-nvidia-beschleunigt-geforce-gtx-260 I dont know about ur german knowledge but Nvidias PR Manager says: "No new name for the GTX 260 update"
  12. Look 3DMark06 then say sth about 110MHz less...even Quad vs Dualcore no chance.
  13. Check Nvidia Site - only 192SP listed...sry... http://www.nvidia.com/object/product_geforce_gtx_260_us.html "...Gaming that shakes you to the core With more gaming horsepower than ever before and 896 MB of memory, the GeForce GTX 260 GPU’s 192 processing cores make games such as..." Nvidia officially called this "new revision" but no new name...sry for u. No new name = no new category, that was the rule, right? ...it reminds me on..hm 7800GS+/7800GS? JUST SAY that you dont wanna change it because 7800GS is old...to much work for dead categorys.
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