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  1. The mod in Nuvoton SuperIO area is SKT_OCC (socket occupied) signal, alternative to bridging two lands on the CPU. Maybe he wanted to have one board for many unmodded CPUs?
  2. As far as I know HD5450 and any rebrands only exist with DDR2 or DDR3 memory. There is no GDDR3 version, and it's misnamed on HWBot just because GPU-Z mistakenly identifies it like that, right?
  3. Like Rauf said, many people unhappy with some double standards might not care enough to post here. Monitoring this discussion is under selection bias.
  4. I only remounted the IHS on one card, but didn't test clocks afterward. Remaining cards I used with direct-to-die mount to avoid paste cracking.
  5. Two out of three cards I ever had had air bubbles trapped between the die and IHS. Might be worth it to replace the IHS even if you don't mount directly to die.
  6. I thought I had killed my board over the weekend. I tried to adjust Vcore in TurboV Core, moved the slider from 1.6 to 1.625 V, clicked apply - instant death, code 8_. After drying everything up and waiting a few hours the board displayed only 0I (not 01 - vertical bar on 2nd segment closer to first segment), even with other CPUs, memory combinations, CMOS clear - anything I tried. I left it to sit without battery overnight and flashed 1107 this morning with USB flashback, and behold, it lives
  7. Good job My 1700X also seemed pretty good at lower than expected voltage. This might be a pattern.
  8. Just tested QD=12 4K random data with IOMeter and QD=32 4K random in CrystalDiskMark and both worked fine. This is on 1001 bios and Samsung 950 Pro in M.2 slot.
  9. Bravo, that's a spicy mem speed, seems above average of my 3 chips
  10. You're probably stuck in OC mode, where advanced voltage regulation doesn't work.
  11. I have the same problem as Wizerty. I will test with other chips and bios 5803 today.
  12. I am ready. Contact bartx if this tickles your fancy
  13. That 3DMark06 top score is wrong, best I can find is Gyrock's 38k.
  14. Or you could use this: Of course build a sturdier version
  15. Pls compile again in Release configuration - right now it requires debug DLLs (*ud.dll)
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