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  1. Massman, have you looked at Roomorama? I booked a place in Xinyi last year that was cheaper on Roomorama for the same apartment. :D
  2. I'm there for MSI booth babe duty 31st to the 10th. I'm looking forward to this year!
  3. Thanks Bull Just messing about with these cards. One of them needs a bios or something to get voltage control. Will need to revisit. There should be a good 100-150mhz extra then.
  4. I've long assumed that ES are not allowed. I skimmed the thread and didn't see any reference to it.. Yay or nay? Cheers edit: found it.. not allowed sheeeeeeiiiiit
  5. Well done everyone.. great competition this year on the first day with everything coming down to the last submits. Proud of our Aussie boys JJJC and SniperOZ to finish where they did despite weaker CPUs. Crazy effort by T0lsty, Rbuass, Lucky N00b, Vivi and everyone.. bring on MOA 2014!
  6. Cheers Carl, I will definitely give this one a go on ln2 soon
  7. Cheers It definitely has potential. Its a QE6S and so needs a board with ivrm fix to really see what it can do.
  8. Its real weird that we can mention the names of the boards, but we have to say 8 series chipsets. Makes a lot of sense
  9. I'm in. Have you got a venue in mind? 2am race start is late, but I can ask the Tavern Sports Bar if they are willing to stay open. They will need a few bums on seats to stay open until 4 or 5am though.
  10. Only listening to SLAYER today. RIP JEFF HANNEMAN http://www.rollingstone.com/music/news/jeff-hanneman-of-slayer-dead-at-49-20130502
  11. Finally! I am confirmed See you there boys My dates are TBC, but I will try to stay on a week or so after Computex.
  12. Dino, make sure you get a 4XL for maggot bag
  13. tears in my eyes hahahha... epic
  14. most atm that ive seen support cirrus and plus cards. so if the your bank supports it/ its on the atm card then you should be fine
  15. Death of overclocking.. thats a bit melodramatic.. Why the obsession with being number one? In this hobby, is it not enough to do the best you can with limited resources, like time as well as hardware? I wont ever play golf again with my mates because I can never beat Tiger Woods.. I'd like to be number one, but I will never beat Andre, Vince etc.. I say, good luck to those guys. It is an inherent weakness of competitive overclocking that maybe wasn't present back then. It wouldn't be any different in a cup format if the big hitters got involved.
  16. Same situation for me.. The cup is of no interest to me at all, and I use ES so i will join you in the ether!
  17. Yeah I agree, I've got nothing against Massman whatsoever, hes a top bloke. I'm no keyboard warrior. I am happy to see overclocking grow and evolve, as long as the impact on the current enthusiasts is not too high which is what I fear will be the case. I am happy to be proven wrong for the good of the sport. With so many considerations.. shifting towards mobile, global economic problems, significant barriers to entry, overclocking faces challenges going ahead and it's important to minimize the impact on the core as much as possible.
  18. It is becoming clearer that generating external interest is the main goal here. I am sorry, I just do not see how thousands of non overclockers will suddenly be compelled to follow extreme overclocking. It is too abstract a concept and too far removed from the 24/7 users, the gamers and those who see it as nothing more than a curiosity. A last 5 min backup reveal situation is not compelling viewing unlike pro gaming where viewers can follow it blow by blow like any sport. I do not believe that 99% of competitors don't care about the pro league. If they did not care, they would not submit anything. Using the team.au example, soon the scores themselves will disappear from the public consciousness. What remains is the #4 rank. The league rank is what HWbot was built upon, and getting rid of it seemingly invalidates all the effort put in. HWbot functions as a database as well.. a cumulative record of all overclocking done by everyone relative to everyone else. Many of these long time guys will seemingly have their work invalidated by this change. HWbot gained success by using an algorithm to assign a cumulative effort.. The change seems largely arbitrary and doesn't sit well with many. I don't see whats so complicated about keeping both the cup and league. Those in the league understand the algorithm. Some guys do only 3d, others only 2d, others only the really tweakable ones like pcm05, spi32 and 3d01. How many guys really compete to be no. 1 in the current pro league? Does every one in the league submit results in all categories and bust their guts to max every setup in every benchmark? besides a few, I think not.. So the argument about not being able to compete in the current pro league is largely irrelevant to all but a very small number of users. I think the competitiveness argument comes from a guy attempting to compete with a 1 in 1000 CPU, the change, even if successful, will not fix that. IIRC one of the reasons for the pro league was to separate those who have backing, as well as employees, reviewers etc from the pay their own way enthusiasts. Not everyone is trying to be number one. To force this type of user into a pro cup is not going to be successful. Guys like rbuass deserve credit for being hardcore enough to really compete with these factory backed guys. Now he faces a situation where he has to bench hardware he has no interest in, in a benchmark he has no interest in, all out of his own pocket... not going to happen... A lot of people have a problem being, cough cough dictated what bench to run. That means many of their favorite varied benches will be irrelevant in the future which does not sit well. Why does there need to be a winner? Don't we have MOA and GOOC for that? Russia, Andre, team,au, Vince etc are at the top because they consistently bench to a very high standard.. they are already the winners so to speak. At the end of the day, you are alienating a big chunk of the hardcore overclockers who want no part of a comp.. is there a prize? find $10k to give to a cup winner and maybe they will be interested. Otherwise, the hobby itself is being screwed with. That's what it is for most.. a hobby. Some will end up not submitting anything on the bot at all.. I don't think HWbot wants a situation where world records consistently do not show up on this site, but in local forums and in PR from manufacturers.. its a kind of ridiculous leap i know.. but that's the slippery slope towards irrelevancy. Going back to myself.. its a get with the program or shipout situation. HWbot, as a database and cumulative result of my scores over 5 or 6 years gets thrown out the window. So what if i have the 50th fastest 680 in 05 and 200 other results.. the points calculation is the cumulative result of that, and if thats gone, then whats the point of submitting anything? longest. post. ever.
  19. I started writing a big wall of text but its better to discuss it in person heh.. I'm coming to Taipei at the end of next week. We'll have to catch up for a beer and chat by that time it will be up and running and people can see it in action.
  20. Add a Farmers Union Iced Coffee and you have everything a growing (outwards) man needs I am interested to see how this plays out. Like Dino, I am disappointed that there is no place for freestyle benchers from the current pro league.. I fear the fun and hobby factor will be lost among many of the really passionate (not to mention long term) guys who bench what they want, when they want, with whatever hardware they choose. Not everyone in the current pro league has 100(0) CPUs to bin, cannot get 4 free VGAs at a time.. it is asking too much of these users.. I cannot go back to the OC league because I work for MSI, so unless I have missed something.. I am out.. casualty of change I guess..
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