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  1. This is easy to use. Just use cpu patch section. there, you can check which microcode is implemented by checking the corresponding cpu ids. you can use a different bios to extract the needed patches and then insert them..
  2. BIOS will be the issue. Easiest choice will be different motherboard...
  3. Iirc, microcode for 8350K is not implemented in bios 0094. you need to add that one using mmtool first.
  4. @rne

    [FS] Good 9700K

    Hey guys, for sale is a good Core i7 9700K Boxed. Working flawlessly, comes with invoice and original package. Batch L830F052 Prime 29.4 45 Minuten Custom Runs on Z370 from first owner (ralle_h, respected forumdeluxx member from Germany 🙂 )5,0 GHz @ 1,216V - 45 Minuten Custom Prime 29.4 Non-AVX: 5,1 GHz @ 1,280V - 45 Minuten Custom Prime 29.4 Non-AVX: I only had this under ln2 very shortly. I can say it scales very well with pll termination voltage. Had 7GHz with 1,72V and around 1.8 vCore. (cf my profile) as a first shot. Unfortunately, i ran into condensation issues during that session and now my phd thesis needs my full attention. Therefore, this bad boy has to go. I won't have a chance to test it more with ln2 😞 Price: 450€ + shipping Will ship EU and US. Additionally as a Christmas special, I will include either a Watercool Heatkiller 3.0 Full Copper or a Full Cover GTX 780 Swiftech cooler for free. Item location: Germany Payment via PayPal or IBAN. Buyer is responsible for PayPal fees. Private sale, no returns, no warranty.
  5. https://www.win-raid.com/t3835f16-GUIDE-Fixing-HT-for-Coffee-Lake-CPUs-on-Skylake-and-Kaby-Lake-motherboards-Z-Z.html edit: should have refreshed site.
  6. Exactly. The 0094 is not able to adjust the cores in bios properly. However, turbo Vcore works fine. There is a hint for modding bios regarding correct core count with new coffee CPUs in win raid Forum if somebody cares Tested with 9600K and 9700K.
  7. Mainboard added. Bundle price for both: 305€ + shipping 🙂
  8. Impact:89€+shipping Edit: Impact SOLD
  9. 8350K. The bios used is the one from the thread in this forum. 3801. So with proper pad mod, 8600K and 8700K will be fine. Also look in win raid forum
  10. Hi guys, up for sale are 1) ASRock X299M Extreme4 Nice mATX Motherboard. Good Bios functionality. Works flawlessly. Including box, accessories and invoice. 150€ + shipping 2) Intel Core i5 7640X Great CPU. Can do 5Ghz cinebench @ 1.168V. Has not been delidded yet. Boxed. For sale is just the cpu, not the motherboard as seen on the picture. Has never seen cold. 189€ + shipping Bundle 1) and 2): 299€ + shipping. this is a private sale. no warranty, no returns. shipping eu and us possible. payment PayPal family friends or bank transfer within eu.
  11. @rne

    Platinum 7640X

    I have air-cooling only, will try to push a little further in the next days. I doubt i can get 5.5GHz with this guy non delidded and a megahalems...
  12. @rne

    Platinum 7640X

    Maybe I have a prober candidate for you. 7640X Boxed. Batch L705B916, pretty similar to the one from aerotracks ( L705B890). Can do CB @ 1.168V 5GHz on air. This CPU is not delidded yet. Has never seen cold. I have no proper board for X299 LN2, Rampage VI Apex is way too expensive. 200€ + shipping...
  13. Last update: 105€ + shipping for apex 😳
  14. Yes. This depends on microcode in bios. I have tested a skylake celeron with success. Shipping is 36€ by DHL.
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