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  1. I've got a volt modded 7970 for sale that I have no use for. It has the stock cooler and new thermal pads fitted as it used to be LN2 cooled. The mods have been done by K404 as the card used to belong to him, I had Kenny move the mods to the back of the card so I could use the stock cooler to do OS set ups. Fan runs @ 60% when running '03, but fan kicks in when serious gaming but this is a benching card and should be treated as such. I have a copper spacer if you want to add a LN2 pot, but if you want to add a full cover waterblock the mods should be out of the way for that so a good card for the EL guys. Price £200 shipped for UK. £215 for anywhere else. Would love a bank transfer, last resort would be paypal Small note I can't ship until monday 7th due to work commitments, sorry. Pics..!!!
  2. Mansfield Cryogenics cover most of the country, may have to wait til they pass your way but they are cheap and know what we do (they may have some 2nd dewars for sale) Pete and Steve are sound fellas Otherwise you'll have to use Cryoservice and they will rent you some dewars after a rep has been round to check things out.
  3. Killed a Giga Z77X-UP7, after RMA it then killed two of my 3770K's Killed too much stuff to remember, funniest was when one mate was modding my 7950GX2 and the other was setting up the vr's only to cut the wrong leg off and it blew the whole track off both boards they were both gutted as it was a £250+ card, I just laughed and carried on drinking
  4. How K404 does it....
  5. I'm glad you're still with us Dave, hope you have a fast recovery.
  6. All the years you have been on here, do you really think that there is any common sense on this website Ken.?
  7. Hi, I'll have a lookie, I wondered where Brendan went too. Good luck and I hope you achieve this, I go to a meet every 3-4 months sometimes it's less than that as you will find out that in the UK there are a lot of winy bunnyes especially if they have to drive anymore that 30mins down the road. Going to two events a month will be bloody expensive for people to attend, but be positive and go for bud
  8. Nice one . Johnny B's score lasted nearly 5 years so maybe this will be the same.
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