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  1. Windows 10 and not allowed, oops. Can't find a way to disable points now so I'm leaving it. Anyway bus is stock.
  2. I used the submit button built into the benchmark. What did I substitute?
  3. devlos

    I am so 1337

    Thanks! I don't want to join as I do not have sponsors. Your english is fine.
  4. devlos

    I am so 1337

    Hey, lots of fun stuff happening in "My Account" page. - I am Elite? - I can join Pro OC?? - I am Elite and can join Pro OC??? Not happy moving out of the Extreme league but if it is in this (Elite) direction I won't complain lol.
  5. Yeaaah! I'd like to come but we will see as far as dates and time. Will try to make it.
  6. devlos

    Add Videocard

    I have some results I want to submit from this card. I am unable to because I get the error "could not be matched to a known videocard". Thanks https://www.amd.com/Documents/ATI-FirePro-V7800-datasheet.pdf
  7. ATI FirePro V7800 (FireGL V) I tried to edit it but no option for that card.
  8. Hello! I have the SS If interested. I'm willing to negotiate a very nice deal.
  9. I deleted it cause it only had 4 batches... maybe the batch size and reduction size actually worked that time.
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