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  1. one of my older submisions for a gpu pie run was reported for "memory tab missing" when verry clearly in the center i have my main system memory speed tab shown. https://hwbot.org/submission/2913419_griffin505_gpupi___32b_geforce_gtx_980_33min_38sec_294ms run if oyu cant see that post , then i will provide the picture i have for my memory speeds ect.
  2. absolutely all submissions wont calculate points or update , and its calculating my ranking incorrectly. not sure if its just me but i doubt it is. example i have a titan xp timespy score thats my best overall and its not showing up on my side list ect. http://hwbot.org/submission/3807747_ this one in particular.
  3. gpu boost peaked at 1500mhz but the clocks were all over the place , kinda annoying
  4. super ghetto ice water chilled rad works good , but she wont get to 5ghz unless i can get her colder
  5. took me alot of restarts to train my board ... i think i can get to 195mhz , was booting at 190... but had some ram issues from the baseclock being so high
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