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  1. 200eu CPU + 200eu MB? Plz help me out a little...
  2. Is it too much? The processor is the same used in my 6700k submissions, just look at it. It has been like more than one year now, I really do not remeber voltages. This evening I will check out and attach pictures.
  3. The motherboard is in perfect condition, so I think in the 300euro - ish? Processor with delid around 250euro - ish?
  4. I sell a Z170M_OC_Formula and a good 6700K + Delid. System built some time ago, but I stopped my OC delirium in early 2016 so I used it air cooled @ stock for daily tasks (movies in the evening). Mobo is rare, cannot price it right now, if you help me it would be great. I want to sell the bundle. If intrested I have a couple of GSKILL 3733cl17 (2x4gb) binned from gskill. Updating....
  5. SOLD TO fat4l. Thanks hwbot for the space!
  6. This is the best kit money can buy. 2800c9 tight for a daily config is still risky. 2666c9 al 4 sticks surely is possible without problems. Depends a lot of your imc too but this is a very good kit. Samsung boosts xtu score, wprime, hwprime and is first choice for 3d bench. No problem sending to UK, not even vat on that.
  7. I sell my 4x4GB Dominator platinum kit. Kit is in perfect condition and have been used for maximum 2hrs in all its life. Price is 380euros shipped (almost) anywhere. http://s4.postimg.org/p6qbm4wkt/20150423_224150_resized_2.jpg For price\shipping\payment questions use PM. I use fastest shipping possible for your country.
  8. IOWA


    Looking for one TitanX for experiments, even without cooler or warranty; no problem. Reasonable price, in EUROPE.
  9. IOWA

    Epower + evbot

    Looking for epower + evbot.
  10. Sorry guys, trying to make the best sale cuz i have lots of things. The sale thread will be completed this evening. I will make fresh photos of the dominator too. (Sorry ninja!)
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